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“Sexy Can I???”

Sorry to say this, but my guilty pleasure is this stupid Ray J song “Sexy Can I”


Who gave him the right to make something so catchy with soooooooo many hot white girls in the video???


Brandy’s lil bro definitely got his shine on this one props to him and the director of this jawn.




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Uuuggh… I can’t remember the last time I was sick like this. It’s been like forever. So I’m going to ramble on about ‘stuff’ till I can’t anymore…  We tend to grin and bear things like getting sick when it happens. I’m sure I’ll get over it soon. Just got to look forward and think positive. Positive reinforcement of a situation usually brings out the best outcome.


So, while I do that here’s some food for thought…


I’ve been soul searching for the last few months. Even went as far as getting a ‘real job’ to learn something and kill some time…


I still haven’t found myself though, but I’m more driven then ever to finish everything I’ve started. I’ve got 2 people in my life (well one is gone now, but definitely not forgotten) to thank for that. (They know who they are).


So yeah, I am “Soul Searching” and pretty much know I’m going to do something great sooner or later, but haven’t quite figured out what. Barack Obama is going to be the first minority as President of the U.S., so I can scratch that off. There’s not enough money in the universe to catch up to what Bill Gates & Warren Buffet have done in business, so being super wealthy is off my list. So, I figure let’s devote my life to others and see how that goes.



Quote of the day (had to steal that one Janice)


“Reality bites like 1000 mutts…”


Lucky Me… My life has really always been a dream that most people wish they could have lived (minus the bits of drama and of course stupidity). There’s so much I wish I could have done these past few years, but didn’t because I was living so BREEZY… But oh well, “when worst comes to worst my peoples come first.”

And it’s always been about the people in my life.


I can’t deny I’m arguably a selfish and conceited bastard, but isn’t that just part of my appeal? And I’ve kind of been humble, especially about money… I’ve always said, “MONEY grows on trees… LITERALLY!”


So it’s always going to be there and since I was raised to get what I want… I get it!


Ok… I’m sick and rambling on now… Tomorrow more structured banter… I promise.


It’s almost 1:40am and I’m feeling a little better.


I got to do a little shout roll here since this is my new “blog thing.”


– Shout outs to my ‘Big Homie’ Archna coming in to the US from London for a 3 week stay (I really think you’ll get more time to sit down with Jigga if you with him again). Will check you in a week! Be good~!


KJ, I’ll see you tomorrow for dinner at the airport & have a safe trip to Texas.


Shaun… You’re so LAME!!! Hahahaha and now you got me blogging…


My sister. YOU’RE AWESOME!!!


M.Rell… My nigga, I look at you like fam cause you’ve always been real and like me always seem to fall into a good space. I know you’re destined to do great things, so go hard (NO HOMO).


Oh and I can’t forget Lois Lame… Ironic probably the best word to describe it with you, but I’m super blessed to know you’re always on it! Keep your head up. You’re a boiling pot of potential and that’s why I fuck with you!


Good night snow globe world. I’m a shake you up tomorrow and see how it goes.










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