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Working off fumes today because I’ve been up since 4AM. In most cases before May 19th, 2008, I’d just roll over back into bed and say whatever till i get up again at noon to work on whatever it is I do.

Now the reality of the regimental lifestyle sets in and I H-A-T-E IT! There’s not enough money out there to make me want to work for someone again after this. Anyone who strives and/or likes this lifestyle is either ===>

1. Retarded or Mentally Challenged

2. From a 3rd world country where they think working is like a blessing or something. For example, all these Indian people that OWN HOTELS, but still have their family doing dishes, vacuuming and scrubbing toilets in them… WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT??? Make your money work for itself, so maybe your other family members won’t have to open a restuarant next to your hotel and start the cycle of labor all over again… Isn’t this why we have Mexicans???? (Now that was racist, sorry… :-() So… take a hint from the Hilton’s homie! Geeezzz…. FYI I’m not racist… (I wish i was cause this shit would be real funny to me). I’m just speaking from what I see on a day today and most of my best friends are Indian too and they see this shit if not live it…  

3. A Japanese Man…. (You already know!)

4. I don’t even know anymore! Like someone from another planet or something!

Who dictates to us that there’s a way and means to life? Is it all about “eat, sleep, make money, eat, go to bed?”

Or is it more about what society tells us we have to do?

I come from a family that’s broken boundaries and who has a cloud of wealth in knowledge that has nurtured me to think above and beyond the glass ceiling. So I carry myself with a sense of pride and cockiness, even though life ain’t always been that sweet.

I obviously have had my moment where clarity was lost, but through some devine right, I always make it back to a good space and excel past doubters expectations.

Which brings me to this point ====>  “We all were brought up in different situations and I never wish to be like someone else, I strive to be my own person. The measure of MY success in the end will be MY dedication to what I do and the people I stood by/stood by me throughout this trip. MONEY ain’t shit, but something to throw at strippers, but the time we spend with people is PRICELESS.” -H


I don’t jump ship on shit I’ve started on.

I never settle for the least, I always want the best!

I don’t seek a “comfortable” existance, until I have everything I desire in this life.

I don’t backslide.

I love with no limits.

I’m so sincere!

Oh and I really don’t give a FUCK how people think of me. I call a BITCH a BITCH and a LAME a LAME. Call me what you want, but at the end of the day you ain’t touching me cause someone like ME can’t be touched. Check my track record… I’m here for the long run!

H Diddy Blogger, Out…

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