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I’ve been bitter blogging for the first week or so, just to vent of course, but now I’m feeling so ONE HUNDRED that I want to write something humorous.

So my Ace, my intellectual twin and fellow leader in “COOL” Teresa got me open on some cell phone shit last week. And if most of you know me by now, I let my phone bill go to hell and pay it right before they turn it off. I’ve been like that since I got a cell back in 1999, but now my bill is $500+ all the time.

Well back to Teresa (She’s awesome by the way), she wants the Blackberry Curve. A very sexy phone/PDA that I was I eye fucking since last year, but was scared to bone because I love my Microsoft products too much (NO HOMO). That Blackberry/RIM shit has always scared me and the push email is lame! I got it (Push Email) on the iPhone and every 15mins to check your email does save battery, but I like to respond instantly to my correspondence!

Any hoots, T got me trippin’ cause she wants a Pink Blackberry Curve… She just emailed me and said “they had a party for the PINK BLACKBERRY CURVE in NYC the other day…”

And I’m like “for real??? A party for a Pink Blackberry???” So I GOOGLED IT! And looking at the guest list of A+ celebs it must be a big deal…

So I’m on the hunt for a Pink Blackberry Curve for Ace because she’s AWESOME and I come up with NOTHIN’

TERESA… Sorry to break your heart… BUT! The SUPER PINK BLACKBERRY CURVE is on VERIZON… NOT AT&T… Sorry Ace, We’ll have to go with the Titanium or Red Curve that AT&T has for you 🙂

But let’s be happy you’re getting a chance at “Curving” over a new leaf! 🙂 Yep That was lame, but whatever it’s my blog bitches!!!



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