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This is one of my favorite songs EVER. The energy Juelz Santana brings to this track and his delivery always touched my soul and made me really feel what he was saying (NO HOMO). Today being 9/11 7-years 11-years later, I thought I’d share with you this song… -H

LISTEN ===> The Diplomats – I Love You (2003)

“I still smell the rotten people that lay/ Down at ground zero, forgotten, left there for days/ Probably left there to stay, left in decay/ Broken pieces of towers, left at their graves(hey)!/ I pray let them be saved, until then, that’s just a suggestion I made/ You follow me homie?!?!” – Juelz Santana “I Love You” 2003

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Now I get home and randomly call Ace (Teresa) to see if she’s still upset over the Pink Blackberry fiasco and she’s like walking home from work…

Now this would be normal and I wouldn’t think much of it, but she works on like 1st Street & 1st Avenue in Manhattan and lives on like 153rd Street & Broadway… So I’m thinking pure MADNESS!!! 

Who in their bloody right mind would walk 150+ city blocks as a commute?


So we sort fo chat it up as she walks and as usual we get it in and talk about FOOD. We both love to eat, prepare and look at FOOD. We’d eat people if it was socially acceptable and prepared properly 🙂 . I think the notion of getting a Subway sandwich stuck in both of our heads as we talked this time. She went on about a prime rib sub, I couldn’t stop raving about the pastrami… (NO HOMO) 

Now T is still walking and shopping for fresh produce along the way (Such a multi-tasker!)…

She was looking for a particular stand that sold peaches, I believe… And she eventually got her peaches and was “FUCKING ” them up on her 150+ block walk.

I use the word “FUCK” because T kept cursing while she was eating the peaches. “This FUCKING peach is the FUCKING shit! It’s FUCKING AWESOME!!! I FUCKING LOVE MY FUCKING PEACHES!!!

WOW! Now I’m thinking to myself, “I want one of those fucking peaches now…”

We talked/walked (well she walked… I was chillin’) for over an hour. I proceeded to point out that she had used the F word so graphically to describe her peaches and wondered (in my head) could she be so passionate about, maybe an apple or a banana in the same way???

She eventually made it home and wasn’t even tired or sore from walking across the Big Apple in flip flops… Is T a Super Woman? or was it the Super Peaches???

I don’t know… But I do know when I’m in the city again I got to hit up that fruit stand and get me a “Fucking Peach.” It gave T the energy to walk across Manhattan and made her virgin mouth sprew out the F word like Andrew Dice Clay on steroids!


-H Diddy Blogger… OUT!

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This is why Cam is my nigga! He just dont’ give a fuck and this song is a perfect example of that. I love it! “BOTTOM OF THE PUSSY HOLE” My goodness…. So vulgar, but so real. MY NIGGA!

Listen for yourself and tell me what you think. -H

LISTEN ===> Cam’Ron – Bottom Of The Pussy Hole

DOWNLOAD ===> Cam’Ron – Bottom Of The Pussy Hole

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