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Now most of you that know me, pretty much know I haven’t had a “real job” in almost 5 years until this past May (2008).

Uuuummmm and working for people has never been my cup of tea and I detested the regimental “9 to 5” life some people have and are content with.

I was and arguably am a free spirit at heart, but from January to Spring 2008 I had a tough time coping with shit going on in my life… I let my emotions take over and was basically thinking with my heart not my brain.

THAT WAS THE LOWEST POINT OF MY LIFE. Ask Alireza, he mocked me everyday he could though that phase…  😦


I took a good look in the mirror and decided that I’ma prove my doubters wrong and get me a job out of SPITE! Not cause I need money or want to get on with my life in that way, but out of good old SPITE!

So I did and got a daam good paying job, where I pretty much do nothing but sit at a desk all day and tug at my nuts…

Now my mom and pop are excited to def and so is my sister (notice me crying 😦 in the picture). Finally H Diddy Blogger is earning his keep and not living off the family’s vast feedbag, on his way to being a bum… And the market sucks right now, so I got to watch what I got so I can have it later…

To be honest I had more money messing with my own businesses and doing nothing than I did with any job, but oh well, I needed a switch, before I might go postal

So I get into this working thing and I’ve been working now for about 5 months and today I quit

Why? Cause someone called me and offered me MO MONEY, MO MONEY, MO MONEY!!!  

And I didn’t even think I would last this long in the work force because I don’t like to take orders… I’ve been a leader and organizer since my Aunt Una told I was the ONE!

But, for some of reason companies are getting at me still and one got back at me with a better offer than they had before…

It was actually sort of a fluke, but I went on the interview and charmed my way to a senior position in USA Today on their dot com side working with their advertising and web content department.

So yeah, going back into the work force was easy cause, “momma ain’t raise no fool. Put me anywhere on God’s green Earth and I’ll triple my worth, motherfucker!”

Real talk… I’m caking it and I haven’t even put on a tie yet. I figure by Spring ’09 I’ll be in a good $250k salary range, but I’m not gonna watch life pass me by.

I’m ghosting as soon as we get F in a good space…  

I still got my DREAMS and AMBITIONS… Which were hindered greatly by HATERS, but not anymore… I’m only seeing shit for what it is. I know where I’m from and where I’m at and I definitely know where I’m going.

Do you? If you don’t, I think you should look in the mirror and think it over, like I did because if I didn’t I’d be in a very, very, very bad space right now.

-H Diddy Blogger Out…

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