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112 – It’s Over Now… Best part of this video… Is the part where Slim uses the flat handed slide motion to gesture the girl out of the Benz in the rain… So PIMP, So COOL, So ICY…


Christian, Ali & I used to look forward to the day that we could do that to a chick, but times have changed… Me personally, I don’t give a fuck… Act up and more than likely I’ll drive you further down the road or drop your stupid ass off in the woods for pissing me off  🙂


D/L: 112 – It’s Over Now


“Baby it’s a shame/ A shame that we go through/ The things that we go through/ When you’re in love with me/ And I’m in love with you/ I think that we should talk about our problems/ Instead of running away/ Oh baby it’s a shame/ We couldn’t work it out/ Forgot what love was all about/ And the feelings we had from the start/ My heart will always be with you, oh/ Girl it’s a shame” -112

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