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So I’m trying to keep my promise and put up more video blogs. And here’s part 2 of my trip back home from about 3 weeks ago.

Just randomness with my friends and I and a very in depth look at the Watchmen movie via the mouth of Kenny… Got to love the white man’s views on Watchmen BLUE WANG! 🙂

Enjoy and when I get back on the road I’ll have more for ya… Actually I got more in the stash as we speak.

Ego Trip blog on deck… Been editing a lot of video this weekend and wanted to focus on that for a bit.

But yeah… I STILL WRITE! So look out!


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So yes… 😦 I’m officially CAR-LESS for at least 2 months… I’ve got to deal with it because I’m in the process of buying a house and my debit to income ratio is crazy!

Which basically means, my unreported income can’t be factored into my home loan 😦 which means… I can’t buy a new car till after I close… For now I have to make sure my new clean credit is retained until my birthday. So i can unwrap a place I’ve been living in already…

On the bright side of things, I do enjoy waiting for a 5:00AM bus to getting to work at 6:30AM and being able to workout early. Feels good to have energy all day… 🙂

Below is a video I made last weekend right after I traded in my second car for cash… The other vehicle is in PA collecting dust getting ready for a baby-seat 🙂

When I close on the crib I’m getting me something (car) sweet  hopefully, but this is a good learning experience and life lesson for me and I’ma come out of it on top of my game!

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2nd video from Nickelus F’s Heathen album…

Yeah I directed this one with a little help by JR the Waiter on this one…

The Silverust – Racquetball video coming soon…

For now enjoy this one 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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