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Rachel Roy

rachel_royDISCLAIMER: I was just thinking about women today in general and was wondering, “WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO Y’ALL???” So I took it upon myself to dig on one of the baddest women around (Rachel Roy) and to just speak on what I’m feeling about women in general as I get older and wiser. I started to write this one a couple of weeks ago when I found out about the split between Rachel Roy & Dame Dash… Didn’t have much inspiration to move on with it till tonight because I felt some admiration towards Dame, but I got over it and figured fuck it! RACHEL is BAD! I need to spill. And it’s been a minute since I’ve went in like this so enjoy… 🙂

Rachel Roy (The epitome of every woman in MIND, SOUL & BODY)…. What more can I say than simply beautiful!

It took me some time to muster up the courage to write something like this since you were married to one of my greatest influence in the music industry (Dame Dash), but like his reputation fell apart so did your marriage and I think it’s time you moved on to a real nigga.

You’re one of the few women I’ve ever seen who thinks with her own brain and can take on the scrutiny of family, culture and friends to be happy. It shows empowerment and strength and a sense of self. I can see why Dame and you fit together so well at that time. It was sort of a pairing of equals that no one could mess with.

rachel_roy3But yo… I fuck with fashion… I dig your style… You’re tall slim and even though you got kids with Dame… I’ll pay for the Children’s pizza dinner @ Chucky Cheese… I went to private school for a bit like your Ex… I ran the streets and my music game right now is a bit tighter than his (I fuck with Nickelus F & Drake)… So Rachel I think we can make this work… Hahahahaahahahaahahhahaha….

Seriously & For Real Though… I fuck with Rachel Roy just because she’s RAW and most of all REAL. Women nowadays have no sense of being. They’re always needing/wanting someone to save them (aka NEEDY WOMAN) or puttng themselves in position to try and save someone else (aka A NEEDY MEN)… They’re willing to sacrifice their own pride for less than what they deserve and they don’t realize it till… Well till it’s too late and by then, you’ve lost the best years of your life on bullshit…

But see.. I fuck with bad bitches like Rachel and see potential in a lot of y’all women out there, but you got to step up your game and want that same shit that makes me get up @ 4am to do what I do… That makes Nick crawl under houses to kill bugs and then go home and make classic albums… The shit that makes all real hard working men strive to be more… You got to want it as much as we do… Want that shit FOREVER. That’s what’s sexy and that’s what’s REAL.

rachel_roy2It was cool in high school to fuck around, talk shit and shoot the breeze, but the times have change and at the end of the day reality sets in and we all need to GROW THE FUCK UP.

Shit… It’s simple and as I come closer to where I’m suppose to be in life I can admire a woman like Rachel Roy more and more for the type of woman she is and not just for her body and looks… Sort of that Oprah syndrome…

For now though I chill and say I’m not trying to find it, but I’ll just wait till it happens or finds me… Till then, I’ma do what I do like I’m doing it for TV… For myself and everyone I love.

It’s funny. I’m writing this now and feel numb to the notion of “the perfect woman for me.” I’m praising Rachel Roy like she’s my dream woman, but she’s far from someone who’s like me. That someone like me; she does exist for sure, I met her, but I met loads of other woman too that can fill the void in my life for “companionship,” but I like I said… I chill… I wait… I continue to search for myself now and what’s REAL will come around.

I have faith in that and till that day comes, I’m a ghost…RACHEL ROY... SO…. SO… BAD… X-o-X-o

H Diddy Blogger… OUT

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

“Now I can’t fall in love with you/ That’s against the rules/ I can’t love another nigga’s girl/ That ain’t cool, but can’t say I don’t like you even though I’d like to/ And if you weren’t with him there’s a chance that I could wife you/ But those are the cards that we were dealt/ I got to think about us all not self…” -Nickelus F

D/L: ===> Nickelus F – The Ova Guy

“Ain’t ya never seen a yougin so fly/ Lookin for someone your type/ I done left behind the love of my life/ Tryin to find another one tonight/ And if it’s you baby/ Let yourself be seen/ Don matter skirts/ Dresses or jeans/ I got that work/ Know what I mean/ And I’m flexing on my ex if you know what mean…” -Trey Songz

D/L: ===> Drake ft. Trey Songz – Replacement Girl

“But anyway I think you’re BIONIC and I don’t think you’re BEAUTIFUL, I think you’re BEYOND it…” -LiL WaYnE

D/L: ===> Lil Wayne ft. Drake & Young Money – Every Girl


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The new King of VA Nickelus F comes through to rep with Little Brother, Hall Of Fame & Skillz of this Fusion production!

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