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Yes I still call you “MF Doom! Oh and I would call you Zev Love X still if that term wasn’t over most of these new niggas heads.

So MF is so back in pocket with the same flow and production that made his Doomsday album one of my favorites of all time (He never really fell out of pocket…).

Here’s a new video for his song “Microwave Mayonnaise” it’s kinda tough and is directed some guy called Dallas Penn. It’s pretty elementary directing and editing, but entertaining just the same.

For y’all to understand MF, you got to actually be strung out on ‘microwaved mayonnaise’ to see the sounds we see. One of the best to ever do it and I’ll agree with Mos Def… Yes he’s better than Lil Wayne…

Enjoy the video.


D/L: ===> MF Doom – Microwave Mayo

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jay_smoothJay Smooth has been on the NYC Hip Hop scene for daam near 20 years now. His Underground Railroad Radio Show on WBAI 99.5FM (I can’t believe I remember the station’s call letters) is one of, if not the best, underground Hip Hop radio shows ever. They kept it funky, but added a twist of education to each show that made me want to actually learn more about Hip Hop history, politics (in general) and the world around us.

The Underground Railroad Show is the educated Hip Hopper’s voice on the dying radio frequency and being that it’s still alive, I’m certain it will continue to be a voice no matter where it ends up once radio is officially dead.

770596459lAs I grew up and I became more in-tune with what I wanted to do in college, Jay Smooth was an inspiration that made me want to get into radio. Which is exactly what I did and for 1 year in high school and 3 years in college I did radio. I transformed myself from underground head with a 12AM-2AM radio slot to somewhat of a “Funkmaster Flex” type personality with prime time slot by the end of my run, but I always sprinkled a bit of education in-between joking aorund and music.

swiggaJay Smooth introduced me to Jay-Z. Put me on to Natural Elements (Mr. VooDoo, L-Swift, A-Butta, Charlemagne, Night Breed) . it’s crazy cause L-Swift (Swigga) who I was a fan of through UGRR is now a good friend of mine who I support to the utmost! Most of all Jay Smooth made it possible for me to speak my mind on whatever I wanted to. From racism, to class-ism and most of all music and how it impacts us all.

If you actually read my writing you’ll see that the mood music I throw in there for my blogs  has something to do with every topic in a subliminal or straight forward way. Some people get it and some don’t, but that’s the beauty of “ART” it doesn’t always have to make sense, but always makes a difference.

drake_nickelus_fI just wanted to give respect and props where they are do here.  So thank you Jay Smooth for being someone who has impacted my career in music to a point where what you showed me has made my ear for talent top notch to the point where I discovered and helped develop talents like Nickelus F & Drake to fruitful careers in music with the music you provided me way back on the Underground Railroad.

I remember when you were talking about high speed internet on the radio back in 1996… I didn’t even have a computer until 2001, but you put me on to the future before it was the present and you continue to innovate.

Any hoots… I can go on all day about how you’ve impacted my LIFE IN MUSIC, but I won’t I think I made my point. I just hope that you get a chance to read this cause I’m about to twitter you a link to it. 🙂

Thank you man…



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