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I usually don’t post a lot of B.S. music, but this song is a problem…

“They just follow my swag, Twitter my Style…” -Fabolous (BEST VERSE ON THE REMIX IN MY OPINION)


D/L: ===>  Red Cafe ft. Jadakiss, Rick Ross, Fabolous, OJ Da Juiceman & Diddy – Hottest In The Hood (Remix)

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You know you’re doing something right when little babies are getting down to your music 🙂

D/L: The Silverust & Nickelus F – You Too

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“Women need attention therefore women will complain. Develop hatred for men and say you’re the one to blame…”

If I start believing shit like this, then there’s really no hope for me… 😦

But I still keep the faith 🙂 cause there’s always one great one out there that makes me think otherwise.  So like kanye said, “I hope you never let me down.”



…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

LISTEN: Drake – The Calm

D/L: Drake – The Calm


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Jay Smooth & Jay-Z

jay_smoothSo the brother Jay Smooth actually read my blog and responded back to me on Twitter… I can’t say anything less than thank you for recognizing how much of an impact you’ve had on me.

Hope we will cross paths in the near future. I’ve met Jay-Z back in 2003 when I did my time @ Def Jam, but I  never met the Jay (Smooth) who put me on to Jay (Z)…. (Well you literally didn’t put me on to Jay-Z, Original Flava did and then DJ Premiere put me on to “In My Life Time”… But for symbolism it was a good meshing of Jay(s).  🙂

– Thank You

j_smooth_twit…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

This is from my personal stash of radio stuff I used to hold on to. I never let this one go. I’m sure I was up late holding my radio antenna out the window since I lived waaaaaay out on Eastern L.I. and tried to catch the UGRR every tuesday. Enjoy! One of Jay-Z’s first radio interviews courtesy of Jay Smooth.

D/L: ===> Jay-Z & Jay Smooth – Underground Railroad Interview & Freestyle

LISTEN: ===> Jay-Z & Jay Smooth – Underground Railroad Interview & Freestyle

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