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chickenplateJust a random thought for my other half… When news cameras are on, don’t act extra


Especially over some chicken…. Especially Popeye’s Chicken….

Now if some of you didn’t know, recently Popeye’s Chicken had a $4.99 for 8-Pieces deal (at participating national locations). Some locations went in and others didn’t.

So when problems started to spring up because of the “chicken frenzy” news cameras came out and decided to document the situation.

Now, I’m the first to poke fun at sterotypes of races and cultures, but this is redickerious… These niggas is outraged cause there’s no chicken left or the location isn’t supporting the deal. One person said, “I’m trying to feed my kids…”

Nigga make them some chicken at home then, you don’t need that fried shit!!!

black-fried-chickenIt’s too much for me to take in… I can go on and be mad and outraged that again black people have been made to look the fool, but I’m not going to be. Some people in the clips were disappointed, but kept their composure. Which is natural, but the lady screaming at the drive through machine was just outrageous. What got me even more was the dude in the suit… He went on about Popeye’s not always having sides that he wants as well as the chicken… That shit was kinda funny. Dude didn’t fall into your stereotypical black male role, but he still went and bitched on about some chicken….

Overall it’s just another case of media making Black people look retarded. I wonder where the white people were? I saw one white person out of the 10-15 people they threw in with comments about the chicken, but where are the white people???

Makes me want to ask the question, don’t white people eat fried chicken too?

Just some food for thought…  Mainly because Popeye’s & KFC are national franchises and no franchise can stay afloat in this economy without the majority of the populous (white people) pumping some of their  dollars into it… 😦



And we’re all vindicated because P Twitty over here makes it cool to eat Popeye’s & KFC with no issues… FYI after Diddy did this video, Popeye’s & KFC were just throwing free chicken his way all day… Chicken those hungry people in the other videos could have fed their children with. 😦

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h_diddy_blogger_logoSo I’ve figured it out. It’s all about the BUSINESS CARD… The presentation of yourself on a piece of thin cardboard. the guy in the video made it clear to me! This is the way to go.

I’ve started to design my business card… It’s 2x the size of that shit he’s flashing in the video, gold foil and my pop out talks to you and says, “I build people for your crowd GUARANTEED!

Yes me… H. I mold and shape people’s understanding to make them more favorable for your crowd of followers.

How do I do it? Well you’ll find out soon because if they let a black man take over the U.S. and turn it Socialist, I’m destined for bigger and better thangs and can make people follow my lead…GUARANTEED!

My legacy will be the people I build for your crowds!


🙂 Just kidding! This is just  to go in and introduce a daam funny video and that had me rolling, enjoy it! 🙂

…:::Notable Quotables From Joel Bauer:::…

“Don’t let not having the tools be your trepidation.”

“You don’t spend the money till you’ve made the money & then you only spend a percentage of it.”

“So what? He’s an Officer.. I know companies that are worth $10,000 a year and the guy is a CEO.”

“I will never make a criticism unless I have a resolution.”

“It doesn’t fit in a Rolodex because it doesn’t belong in a Rolodex.”

“Life is not about being LIKED. It’s about being EFFECTIVE…”

“I build crowds guaranteed! what do you do guaranteed?”

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