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birthday_pictureSo I was up at 6AM and brainstorming with The Muse about what would be a good soundtrack for my birthday. I was stumped and going back and forth on text with her about songs was becoming tedious.

She shot out a few good ideas… Reflections Eternal “Back Again” and Snoop Dogg & Pharrell “Beautiful.” I was so blah about “Beautiful” because it  had a special meaning for me once and then it kinda was like, ok I can’t fuck with this anymore after awhile because it made me sick.   But the oh so wise Muse might have me putting it back in rotation because The Muse got me thinking about it differently after she put it to me like this.

“U should make new memories to it.” -The Muse…  And she’s right…

birthday_cupcakesAny hoots… No song still so I decided to let my amazing and soon to be obsolete iPhone pick for me. I hit random and went from the house to the gym, stopped for a wonderful homemade cupcake from the wonderful Snow Flake at my job HEATHER! ( I ❤ my USA Today Peeps!) and then had egg whites, cheese & bacom on a croissant with a hash brown (yes I’m pigging out today) and then right back to the iPhone and the first song that came on was Jay-Z – Change Clothes and I was like, YES! This is it! (BIG SHOUT OUT TO SOMMER FOR SENDING ME THE MP3 OF THIS ON THE FLY)

This record is about change, clothes, cars, women, money, sexy and is so wavy… Word to God! I’m all about it bout it now! New day, new life and new faces, places and space.

Today is my birthday, but it’s another day for me to feel blessed and for all of you to be blessed to know me 🙂 (Joking…)

For real I can’t do it without ya’ll. Family, friends and fruit roll ups… These are a few of my favorite things…

So let’s go! I’m l0ving life! Get at me for a fix of awesome, I got it by the boat loads! (No Splenda)

“(Change clothes and go) You know I stay fresh to death, boy from the projects/ And I’m a take you to the top of the globe so let’s go (so let’s exchange numbers and go)/ Uh huh yeah, uh (And girl I promise you, no substitute) It’s just me” – Jay-Z


D/L: ===> Jay-Z – Change Clothes (Produced By The Neptunes)

LISTEN: ===> Jay-Z – Change Clothes (Produced By The Neptunes)

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