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I’m cookin’ up a real blog tonight so stay tuned for that because I was in a good mood and now I’m so not and I’m actually gonna spill some real talk this time around with no innuendos or underlying messages.

For now here’s a little pictorial of my last good time with my awesome crew.

Dear Summer…  I know you’re gonna miss me.

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

Listen to this while you read 🙂

D/L: ===> Nina Sky – Beautiful People


4th_of_july_2009 (8)

It’s the 4th of July 2009. The view from Ali’s spot was pretty bawwwssss! Look at the money blowing up in the air!

4th_of_july_2009 (11)

Pictures of pictures speak volumes… So many memories 🙂

4th_of_july_2009 (9)

Shaun… The only picture of this man from this weekend I have… The skinny is I redeemed myself from calling a group of lesbians, “lesbians” and Shaun amazed me by pretty much running though “the office” and getting his swag on with no iPhone. He went into the spot and pulled  a 3 for 1 and left em for a jumbo slice of pizza. 🙂

4th_of_july_2009 (2)

Shkeema & Niloufar. Tinny hands (Nilou) and subtle sex (Keema). These are the only 2 people I know that think everything I say is from the perverted point of view. It’s a shame… So not me 😉 Next time I got to Nilou’s place we’re throwing some meat on that grill and Shkeema’s gonna eat it 🙂

4th_of_july_2009 (5)

Just met these 4… They’re pretty cool. Even though one of their kind murdered Steve McNair… Watch out for Persian girls…. 😦 joking! Y’all are awesome.


Aby… Ms. Awsome… One person who’s as crazy as me and ain’t worried about who cares… No one will ever see the video Aby 🙂 I promise… 😉 hahahahahaha

4th_of_july_2009 (4)


4th_of_july_2009 (6)

Ali loves his little baby bottle of Ciroc Obama… Daam recession

4th_of_july_2009 (7)

Lisa Turtle 🙂 Killin’ em with one smile… So bawwwsss!

4th_of_july_2009 (12)

Ali… Always surround by ladies, but… Well that’s life I guess 😉

4th_of_july_2009 (10)

And Aby says it all right here… WE HAD A BALL!

Now that I’m off and on to bigger and better things. There’s always one thing I’ll appreciate and that’s good friends. These niggas right here, don’t give a fuck what we say or do or whatever to each other and other people. We’ve all fucked up and have done fucked up things, but at the end of the day it’s all love because the truest friends shouldn’t judge you or put you in a place or make you feel like you don’t count. I don’t talk to these niggas all the time, but I know if I needed them, they’d be there for me.

That’s LOVE… That’s what friends are for. That’s why I know that this time I’m taking off from bullshiting will be well worth it cause to see my family and friends smile is all I’m in it for.

07.06.2009 ===> I’m gone & tomorrow begins.




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Here’s a little something for my Iranian peoples… Get @ me -H

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