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michaeljackson-744058So Bill O’Reilly reminds me of myself sometimes. He’ll argue a retarded point to justify is own twisted way of thinking.

I go in like that sometimes, but at least I can admit when I’m wrong… This guy… He just doesn’t stop.

Frankly, he’s right MJ was a little fucked up in the head, but over all he redeemed himself in the public eye and went on to live a semi-normal life after his drama with the media and courts. That shows strength and a will to change for the better.

O’Reilly totally downplayed that whole good part of MJ’s life… Great musician, humanitarian and a man who lived up to the music he made.

Michael Jackson was after all only HUMAN and all humans make mistakes and if we’re willing to change for the better like MJ tried to do by starting a family and being low key, than that’s a good things

Michael said it best, “Gotta make a change/ For once in my life/ It’s gonna feel real good/ Gonna make a difference/ Gonna make it right…” (Man In The Mirror)

Which he eventually did… He changed his own perception in the public eye and a lot of people actually forgave him for the things that a court of law said he never did, but we all figured he did just because he was “weird.”

Stuff like what O’Reilly said doesn’t make me mad or want to start a revolution. It just kind of shows how narrow minded and shallow human’s can be sometimes. I’m self-centered, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have compassion for others, especially friends and family. So I can relate to taking the piss like Michael did all the time. This is just another example of how people are in society that aren’t aware of their surroundings, but only aware of their own minuscule lives…

Word of advice to all of you… Yeah… we live in bubbles, but one day those bubbles will burst and those of you who aren’t prepared to see the other side… Be warned it’s real and I’m more prepared for it than ever.  Are you?

Also… Think for a second about how our lives would have been without Michael Jackson? We’d prolly look to R.Kelly to find insight into happiness and love through music… He’s made a lot of uplifting tunes and sold millions… ===>  AND THEY GOT THAT NIGGA ON TAPE PISSING ON A LITTLE GIRL. 😦

H Diddy Blogger… Out

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