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I’ve decided to spread my gospel to the people through the form of  the HUGHISM. 🙂 A HUGHISM is a my philosophy and/or random thoughts written out in 140 characters or less over TWITTER 😉 Since most of the people who check my blog don’t twit with me. I’m gonna post up random HUGHISM’s on my blog. 🙂 Get familiar cause it’s time for me to spread the LOVE…



#Hughism Ain’t much to see in the world if you don’t visualize

#Hughism Modern ‘Love’ is about compromise hence the fact that people settle & are so unhappy. Never me. Real Love is unconditional

#Hughism Isn’t it funny how the opposite sex pays more attention to you when you pay them no mind?

#Hughism The concept of a “gold digger” is dead. I actually like gold diggers. You know why they want to be with you & less drama!

#Hughism I believe as long as you workout & keep your blood circulating you can’t have a heart attack

#Hughism Why do people hate on @ninasky (Nina Sky) They’re fly & make good music. What the fuck do you do?

#Hughism I’m looking down on you people while I’m inviting you up

#Hughism A Falafel is still vegetarian if you put bacos bacom bits on it because bacos is not real bacom.

#Hughism If you don’t go to the doctor ever, you’re never really sick… You’re just unaware of your condition

#Hughism I think a lot of problems in the Middle east could be solved if they ate more bacom. Bacom = Love…

#Hughism Homie you’s a SQUARE that’s why your girl is in my CIRCLE

#Hughism Girls with ducky walks are sexy, but ducks aren’t

#Hughism I think life is like a bag of Gummy Bears… Sorry Forrest Gump

#Hughism I don’t read books… I write them!

#Hughism I don’t mind tax increases… It’s just money, which is paper & paper grows on trees! We in America people!

#Hughism I think the baddest chicks are ones with power. Needy chicks are no longer on the radar. Rachel Roy > You (Yes YOU!)

#Hughism If you dip doritos in cheese dip, then you have a problem

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