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anoop&anishaSo my new best friend Anisha (Sorry Anoop… You’ve been replaced! But I still love you bro) have been chopping it up lately about a bunch of stuff, while I’ve been sorta kinda helping her get her job hunting skills up (which I will get on tomorrow night for real, I promise!).

Any hoots, we chop it up about random shit and she kinda like feels the way I do sometimes about friends & life. So basically life is what we (the individual) makes of it. Like all of us; she goes through the ups and downs and pressures of everyday life… Shit from the family… Shit from the friends… Shit from everyone…

ME… I’m a little more special and don’t have much shit to worry about, but how am I gonna get more shit to pile on to my shit I got now, but basically she told me ultimately not to worry about what someone (a friend/friends) thinks about you because you know who you are and what you’re capable of doing and basically know that people who judge are prolly the most miserable people around…

miseryBOOM! She may be right about that and I’m starting to agree because misery enjoys company and as I see it; maybe, I enjoy miseries company too. Which kinda goes back to old me, which kinda still lingers around my ass, (NO SPLENDA) like Kathy Bates in that Stephen King movie (Misery).

So to all you ‘miserable’ people FUCK YOU! and judge me for who I am, not what you think I am or what you feel I represent because at the end of the day, I’m still that nigga who holds everyone down and my real friends and family know that. And being the stand up nigga she is Anisha had to point it out to me more than once because I go off on tangents when I’m ‘upset’ and since we go way back to her high school days when Anoop had her singing hooks on Ben Frank songs… She knows what it is…

Anyways this good Christian girl and her brother are  family and I look to them for guidance when I need it… So Anisha I’m gonna give you credit for the quote of the day since I’ve been in such a creative slump lately…

“We are so used to DISGUISING ourselves to other people that in the end we become DISGUISED to ourselves…” – Anonymous


clownIt’s pretty straight forward and basically means, keep it real with yourself… None of us are meant for show unless we’re circus clowns… And who wants to be that? Fake painted on smile, forced emotions… Content with people who only care about the pathetic show they put on…

Any hoots, thank you Anisha… You’ve made a it easer for me to get on with my day without feeling like I did something wrong.. Wish I listened to you 12 hours ago or 3 months ago when we had that long as convo about the same shit… 😉

H Diddy Blogger… Out

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

D/L: ===> Ben Frank ft. Anisha – Hot Chix (Produced by Got Beats Productions)

LISTEN: ===> Ben Frank ft. Anisha – Hot Chix (Produced by Got Beats Productions)

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Wu_(negative)BOOM! I woke up feeling pretty daam good today, so I’m gonna start the day off having a little fun with a little tit for tat… So let’s go in…

I love Steely Dan and if you fuck with Peter Gunz & Lord Tariq’s “Deja Vu” you know their sound. Their other music is so sweet too… Very melodic and soothing to the ear.

“Negative Girl” POW! What you know about this??? Listen up cause I’m sick of talking down to y’all about classic material.

Oh and for all you people trying to cleanse yourself of “Negative Stress” good cause I’m so wavy and coasting on a sea of PROTONS baby! Come touch my finger for the shock of your life electron ass niggas! hahaahaha!

So BOOM ===> POW! I’m back in style… Let’s now go out and live life cause I’m on the heals of catching my DREAMS before REALITY SETS IN and makes me content with… Well… not being able to do stuff like this and being creative and free thinking. Not my bag at all… Not a go… Not gonna happen.


“Another negative girl/ Spinning out of the frame/ Exquisitely limpid/ The original classic thing – more of the same”

D/L: ===> Steely Dan – Negative Girl


“So in ninety-four, yo, it’s all about the music/ Here it comes, spiritually, now you can, use it/ So ah, eliminate the worst and the best/ And eliminate the threshold, of negative stress”

D/L: ===> Boogiemonsters – Recognized Thresholds Of Negative Stress

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Yeah I’m an asshole sometimes…


…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

Kind of a throw back to December 2008 Read===>  I Think I’m A Little Bit In Love… This jawns been back in rotation for a few days, kinda feeling it again.

“Hands down/ I’m too proud, for love/ But with eyes shut/ It’s you I’m thinking of/ But how we move from A to B?/It can’t be up to me/ Cause you don’t know/ who I was before, you were basically to see a change in me, I’d be losing/ So I just ignore you (yeah)/ Oh-oh-oh-oh, but you’re on my mind (my mind…)/ But maybe in time (in time…) I’ll tell you/ I’M A LITTLE BIT… A LITTLE BIT… A LITTLE BIT…”

D/L ===> Lykke Li & Drake – Little Bit (ATF Remix)

LISTEN: ===> Lykke Li & Drake – Little Bit (ATF Remix)

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