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fela1I got put on to Fela by my boy Russel Coker in college. Russel was mixed like me (He’s Nigerien/White), but he was so hardcore African. He used to play Fela’s music all the time and it was invigorating stuff. Fela to me was a mix between James Brown, Bob Marley, Miles Davis & Busta Rhymes.

In his early years he was full of energy and infused music from the West (Jazz, Soul & even Rock) into his performance and the nigga danced his ass off!

His music to me is like pure energy… I have no clue what he’s saying when he sings in his native tongue, but listening him makes me feel free and there’s no feeling like that in this world. The truth is Fela was like most creative people at that time; against the machine that makes the world suck…

He said once in an interview…

“My name is  Anikulapo… I have death in my pouch. I can’t DIE. You can’t kill me…”

Word to God… That’s some bold shit to say from one man, but he meant it and eventually his brash statements and activist ways landed him in prison in 1984 on trumped up money laundering charges, but after 20 months in prison he was freed due to the efforts of various Human Rights groups in Nigeria.

Fela KutiSee… Fela was an advocate for Human Right, Freedom and Love… His music and legacy will live through his music and hopefully inspire people, like he’s inspired me…

I often contemplate my place in this world and what I was meant to do in life; lately I’ve been contemplating what more I can do in this life rather than try to figure out what it is I’m meant to do. Life is the longest thing we have and wasting time wonder and not going for what’s real is never gonna make shit any better for anyone. And giving in to the old way of thinking that made people like Fela fall victim to society’s shit isn’t going to help much either.

Fela changed the whole social make up of his homeland of Nigeria through music… This is what I want to do… This is why I’m here, to change something through doing what I love… How many people can say that they want/can change shit doing what they love nowadays?

H Diddy Blogger… OUT



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h_diddy_blogger_logoSo today I realized, with a little help from Anisha,  that it’s kinda creepy that I write so much about this “Muse” of mine K… (it’s great to have a little sister who’s pretty much on call 24/7 now… Sorry Anoop) SO yeah… It is arguably creepy, but it kinda isn’t  if you understood why I write… See it’s easier for me to express myself like this rather than to be angry or bottle up my emotions inside. What separates humans from other animals is our advanced sense of emotions. We feel more… So when it hurts the pain is worse, but there comes a point where drawing inspiration from pain becomes  more of a pain because of the constant reminder of that pain… So even though Anisha didn’t blatantly call me fucked up in the head, I got the idea and I figured I’d got back to just having fun in my writing again…. And I might spill about K or whoever, when ever I want… Shit I wrote a blog about Teresa walking 200 blocks and cursing at a peach (Walk With Me As I Eat A Peach Through The Hood… Blog), so the world and my people are my inspiration for this art.

Which leads me to this… Christina Evangeline 🙂

One of the baddest women I know, but as real as any of my niggas. She’s silly, sexy, cool and like myself doesn’t really give a fuck what people think as long as she’s happy 🙂 Reminds me of an Italian version of Aby…

Well I was on the twit today and saw this picture she posted…

"I think I lost my contact in there..." -Christina

"I think I lost my contact in there..." -Christina

See that… She doesn’t give a fuck and she told me an old lady snapped that shot of her (how raw is that?). Anyways, for someone I casually know, she’s like one of those cool people I’ll never really forget because……. Well she ain’t scared to put her finger in a wooden butt! 😉

Seriously though, she’s cool as cool can get and there’s nothing out there that can replace that. It’s hard to find people who really can enjoy life for what it is and be free at the same time. People worry too much about the future; when you’re future is determined on your present and if you settle for the “safe” future and get hit by a bus tomorrow, guess what… You missed out on a lot.

This is why I do what I do and Christina does what she does and why Nick does what he does and why M.Rell does what he does and why Alex does what he does… The list goes on….

When you persue your dreams and enjoy doing it; it’s the greatest feeling in the world…

So Christina you get mad propers for being a COOL person (don’t get it twisted, you’re fly too.. The whole package is straight). Keep it real, but most of all keep it real with yourself and next time I’m back in NYC we’ll spend more than 15mins together walking the wrong way down the street… hahaha!

Let’s get it in and live it up!

H Diddy Blogger… OUT


…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

“Everyday is my day I’ma do it my way everyday/ Everything about me, what they love about me everything/ Everywhere that I be, feel VIP baby/ And everybody’s cool, but y’all just ain’t me…”

D/L: ===> Fabolous ft. Keri Hilson & Ryan Leslie – Everything, Everyday, Everywhere (Album Version)

LISTEN: ===> Fabolous ft. Keri Hilson & Ryan Leslie – Everything, Everyday, Everywhere (Album Version)


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