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Venus Vs. Mars…

jay-zThey finally leak something dope from BP3… It looks like all the Timbaland tracks are on the streets. Interesting. Anyone think that one or two of these will be cut form the final version of BP3??? There might still be time…

Anyways This is classic Jay & Timbo love… The beat sounds Neptunish at times, but Jay comes off and kills it!

“We was suppose to “Takeover…” I caught her bumpin’ “Ether…” <=== WORD 2 LIFE, That’s how it happens, one day you talking about big dreams with you  & than out of nowhere shorty ETHERS you… How real is that?


D/L: ===> Jay-Z – Venus Vs. Mars

LISTEN: ===> Jay-Z – Venus Vs. Mars

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Song of the day… Razah has really come up and I’m loving this new song and hope the kid’s album comes out tight!

This joint (“Higher“) I’m a little late on. It was released, I think in the Spring time, but it’s amazing and makes me feel… Well… AMAZING! It’s one of those records that makes me look back even though I’ve been trying to look forward… This record brings a smile to my face when I think about how after a short stint of time; the thought of someone who made a difference in my life (that is gone now) can still move me like the day I realized how they made me feel.

Life’s funny that way…  With it’s ironic twists and turned, but overall it leads us in the path we’re suppose to be on I suppose… I stopped counting my blessing long ago and now I’m counting on myself to make myself go HIGHER…

Enjoy this one for what it is and hopefully you’ll find that special someone that makes you take off and feel HIGHER.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Bless the day that you walked into my life cause I was lost before you… You opened up my eyes to things that I never ever seen before/ You took the darkness away…I can see clearly now/ The rain is gone I’m above the clouds/ I’m looking at life in a different way….. The connection that we share/ Nothing in this world could ever compare/ I felt it from the start…”

D/L: ===> Razah – Higher


Razah ft. Bun B & Rick Ross – On Top Of The World


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