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noureen_dewulf_1UPDATE: Anniversary blog will be posted tonight… And Noureen DeWulf is super FLY! I can’t believe I never knew till this weekend… And it’s great to meet an actress that’s down to earth and from NY! 🙂

Pay homage to this one kids cause she will be kinda like a big deal very soon…

FYI: It’s about time we all go harder on this thing I love the music… F (Nickelus F) is about to take it to Mars or maybe Neptune? Look out because things are about to change drastically in a short period of time 😉


…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

“Son there’s just one life to live/ I’ma live it never fake it/ Goin’ all out to SHINE and what no-body’s givin’, I’m takin’ / Never slackin’ cause TIME is LIFE and I’ma make it happen…” -J-Treds

D/L: ===> J-Treds – Make It Happen


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