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Since I’m on the topic of “White Girls” JoJo is one of the most talented I’ve seen in a long time. Her first album paid homage to the sound of Destiny’s Child, Brandy & Monica. That’s a lot wreck for a white chick to pull off, but she does…

This was her first commercial single featuring Lil Bow Wow on it circa 2004… How I got put on?

I think I got the promo disk from the label and I always give new music a shot. This one stuck to me and I loved it!

Get familiar with JoJo cause she got a new project coming this year or early next year on Blackground Records.


“It don’t matter where we go tonight/ Cause if I’m with you I’ll be alright./ That’s cool but I’m lookin’ for more/ Its your love that my heart beats for…” -JoJo

D/L: ===> JoJo ft. Lil Bow Wow – Baby It’s You (Remix)

D/L: ===> JoJo – Baby It’s You (Original)

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See even Ryan Leslie knows the deal… in 2010, White Girls are the way to go my niggas! 😉 That’s for y’all of course… I know what I want and it ain’t white… White’s the backup, backup plan 🙂


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…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

D/L: ===> Ryan Leslie – You’re Fly (Talking About A White Girl) 😉

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