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nick_modelWe got a new project dropping at the end of the year.. It’s gonna be monumentous... LOOK OUT

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R.I.P. Roc Raida 05.18.1972 to 09.19.2009

I had the pleasure of seeing Roc Raida & The X-Men (BKA X-Ecutioners) battle the Invisible Scratch Pickles (Q-Bert, Disk, Shortkut) at the Rock Steady Reunion in 1996… My first and last time out to the event and it was EPIC! It was exhibition battle to bring the love back between the East & the West and it was sick…

My backpacking and deejaying days are behind me now, but I remember watching Roc Raida’s routines and wanting to be like him on the 1’s & 2’s… I never could get the body tricks down, but I did get pretty good at the art of beat juggling and blends by the time I got done with college (Peace to DJ CL Slick for mentoring me though college)…

Overall Roc Raida was a great influence on me and I had the pleasure of meeting DJ Sinister (one of the X-Men) while I was still in NY… I never met Roc Raida in person, but was blessed enough to see him live at possibly the greatest Turntablist battle ever!

I’ma go back to the lab and dust off my Technics soon… I want to get it in one more time for one of the greats.

– H

Here’s Roc Raida’s legendary performance @ DMC in 1996… He was the champion that year… WORLD CHAMPION!

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This one fell under my radar… Anoop put me on to Jay Sean like 2-3 years ago, but I never listened to his music at all. Saw a couple of interviews and see he’s doing business with Cash Money Records now. I finally got a chance to listen to his lead single off his Cash Money debut album and I love it! Apparently it’s been doing well on the charts and it’s pretty daam catchy.

This kid is dope and I hope we get a chance to work with him soon.

D/L: ===> Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne – Down

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God Bless & Good Night…

Thanks Alyssa definitely feel you on this 🙂



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Sounds about right… It’s 4am and I’m tired… Let me marinade on this track and give you something in the morning. 😉

Good night world 🙂

D/L: ===> Mary J. Blige – Said & Done (Produced by Ryan Leslie)


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madonna_celebration1Madonna left my favorite song by her off her new greatest hits album Celebration and I’m pissed! This song is deep… It’s one of those great records that holds a lot of weight for its message…

Our dreams and aspirations define our future (for the most part) and the bigger we dream the more we can see those dreams become a reality, no matter what the situation. My dream have always been to be someone who makes a difference in the world. Money and fame is great, but when I can say I made a difference then I’ll know that all this stuff I’m doing now is worthwhile.

I’ll never say goodbye to yesterday because that is part of what makes me who I am. I look forward to a brighter future because that’s my destiny! I see only what matters the most to me and that’s making a difference.

madonnaSo basically this song is inspiration for me. It’s a record I grew up on and to this day cherish for keeping me focused. I’ll never forget the people that made me who I am… The influences, the people that love me, the people that hurt me, the people that helped me, the people that are gone, but made an impact… I’ve learned so much from so many and I’m a product of a “Beautiful Struggle” that’s only going to pay off in the end…

So when I look back and think about that imaginary “Playground” I’ll remember it and smile and say, “this ain’t so bad now that it’s my reality…”

And did i mention I’m pissed at Madonna for leaving this off???? Yeah… I had to say it again because it’s a major bad look! 😦


No regrets
But I wish that you
Were here with me
Well then there’s hope yet
I can see your face
In our secret place
You’re not just a memory
Say goodbye to yesterday [the dream]
Those are words I’ll never say [I’ll never say]


D/L: ===> Madonna – This Used To Be My Playground

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luther-vandrossI can write a book about how much I love this record and the message behind it, but I’ll keep it short because it made me think about a particular woman I was really feeling. Peace to Fatima for putting me on to his jawn way back in school… I know this was your jam. 😉 Let’s go!

The simple act of just asking a chick out on a “date” takes confidence, pride and the willingness to take rejection. Last time I asked a girl out… I’d have to say it was January 2009… I’ll be honest at the time it wasn’t something I was willing to admit until after it happened because the feeling I had was so real and good I didn’t want to complicate it by putting the pressures of  adding the technical name “date” to it. So we mutually made the effort to “meet up.”

After I saw how fly she was, how charming and all of the above she was; our “meet up” meant a bit more to me because I walked away liking this chick even more and didn’t want to lose the opportunity to express that to her so I did and established it as “date” status.

Long story short… It didn’t workout to be more than the one time… Our connection grew, but fell short and ended up not going anywhere good. I can’t blame her or myself for that. It’s just the way things are sometimes, but I feel deep down that one day it will magically fix itself (Yep I believe in magic… 🙂 )

But at least I can live with myself and say I took the chance and expressed how I really felt at the time we actually met face to face because that shit is hard to do. I don’t like to establish definitive labels on things I do all the time (especially with women), but when something is right… IT’S RIGHT. That’s how I felt about this and I was happy and wanted to let her know that.

Since then… I’ve been out with other women and I’m having my fun and living it up still, but it’s not the same as that particular time because that person was special. So special that once I was no longer skeptical about it I wanted to make sure she knew that before I left the scene…

luther_girlIronically she was the one who found me and as down as I feel about losing her at times, I kind of smile knowing that at least she was there for me (for us) for a good period of time as a friend. Yep a friend because that’s what every ideal person in our lives should really be. I’m eternally grateful for that and optimistic about life even more because of her being around for that time. 🙂

So yeah… Luther’s words have influenced me and some of the hardest niggas in rap. First Young Chris (State Property) quoted his lines from this song called “Do You Want Me” and his boss Jay-Z did a whole song lifting the same quotable for his smash “Excuse Me Miss.” Niggas know…

So I’m chillin’ till the day I can say these words to a young lady with some heart and mean it… Excuse me miss, but what’s your name? Where are you from and can I come and possibly… Can I take you out tonight? To a movie, to the park, I’ll have you home before it’s dark. So let me know, can I take you out tonight?

I’m really gonna say it too… Just like that, with a little bit of autotune on my voice to make it sound like I’m hitting those notes right. 🙂

H Diddy Blogger… OUT

PS: This is really just a message to men and women out there who are scared to take chances. Whether they’re right or wrong at least going for it is the ultimate satisfaction. I didn’t have to meet this chick or go through the shit we went though… At the end of the day I learned and grew from it. And even though I feel hurt by the situation, I can’t complain because that’s part of the whole deal… We can force a happy ending to anything we do in life, but inside it’s not real and that isn’t cool… It has to come to us naturally… Then and only then will it be worth all the trouble. This chick was and still is worth all the trouble in my eyes and at least she got the chance to hear it from me. 😉

...:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

Don’t care if I get rejected
At least then I won’t regret it
Regret the fact I missed the chance for romance
At least I’ll walk away knowing

I tried my best and I’m going
Cause at least she heard me say
I’m going on with my day
Cause at least she heard me say

-Luther Vandross-

D/L: ===> Luther Vandross – Take You Out

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