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hugh_vest_smallHad a great day yesterday… Got a big ad sale closed on the website, helping sponsor Fela Kuti play in NYC and I got to hang out with Ryan Leslie & watch him perform last night. Oh and I did something this morning that made me feel genuinely good because for once I went into a situation thinking of someone else and not myself. It’s kinda of humbling and has taught me that I sort of now have an unselfish heart… Which kinda makes me gag, but kinda makes me happy to know that I’m on my way down the path I think I’m set for. See… Life is full of wins and loses, but ultimately if you can face the challenges it puts forth then you will always be a winner, even when you lose one…  So I’m content in ultimately knowing now I just took a huge L and prolly will live with that regret about the way I acted for the rest of my life. BUT! I’m glad to be who I am anyway…

I’m different and wouldn’t change being me for anything in this world.

h_diddy_blogger_logoNow I feel inspired again and I’m gonna write a few new things while I have the time and they go like this:

1. A Scorpio’s Mind… – I’m surrounded by these niggas, Nu, Nick, Drake, Rell, K, and my twitter homie Cristal… Cristal sent me something interesting about Scorpios the other day that clued me into why I attract them and why they either LOVE or HATE me… I’m so going in.

2. It’s A Secret Society All We Ask Is Trust… – Free Masonry, The Illuminati & The End Of The Free World As We Know It… Christina got me kinda open on this whole “conspiracy” theory thing again.  I haven’t been too up on my Illuminati shit since I did a thesis paper on it in college. So after a couple of convos with C.E. About it… I’m so going in.

3. Glitches… – Amil Larrieux made a song with The Roots in 2002 that kinda makes me think about how some of us go through life just asking questions rather than just living life… That was me. I have no more questions… I’m so ready to just go in.

4. My Movie… – I wrote a book that I want to burn, wrote almost a years worth headaches & whoes in my blog (I’m so over it) and think my life would make a great romantic comedy now. 🙂 I know the way it is now I’m not gonna get the girl, but that’s relative to what girl it is I’m trying to get. So my 1st movie is going to be about my life… I’m writing it now and the ending to the screenplay is still a vision I can’t see yet because I’m not absolutely sure if there’s an end. All I know is that I’m ready to play the lead… I going to be do this Hollywood thing watch me. I’m going in for life…

DISCLAIMER TO LOIS LAME: FYI I wasn’t drinking last night Shaun was bent, I was chillin’… 😉 The bet is still on see you in November! 🙂


I’m on my way to the gym to get my workout on and then do some of my “LIFE’S WORK” when I get back. STAY CHISELED! New ANTHEM… Yeah I don’t like Nas, but this record is some real motivation and he’s from Queens, so he gets the pass for being from the same part of the planet as me. 🙂

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

“Stay chisel like a box of wife-beater by a Fila/ Lou Ferrigno Arnold Schwarzenegger type steelo/ Stay chisel, check your paper nigga/ Bring the bar to your chess, then push it up harder than the rest/ Stay chisel, precisely cup, sharp the fuck/ You thought this was a game we came to charge you up/ So take it to the brain, laid peoples, know how throw them things/ Swift on them toes, knockout blow, so stay chiseled…”

D/L: ===> Nas – Stay Chiseled (NAS VERSION)

D/L: ===> Large Professor ft. Nas – Stay Chiseled (ALBUM VERSION)

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