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I’d post the Diwali “swastika,” but I want to spare myself from being considered “offensive” so I didn’t, but I think I’m being offensive by even calling it a “swastika” in the first place… Oh well…

It’s Diwali and all my Asian Indian people are celebrating the Festival of Lights over the next 5 days or so and since I’m not “Indian,” but “West Indian” I wanted to put my own people’s twist on the celebration 🙂

So… Enjoy The Diwali Riddim a classic dance hall riddim inspired by the holiday. Also check out my favorite jam from the riddim “Times Well Hard (Overcome)” by Wayne Marshall. It’s dope and makes me move!



…::::MOOD MUSIC:::…

D/L: ===> Various Diwali Riddim (MEGA MIX)


“Times well hard and they are today/ But if you don’t work then you won’t get paid/ Many obstacles come along the way/ Overcome, overcome/ Many are called but the chosen few/ Nothin in this world that you can do/ If you work hard then you will pull through overcome, overcome…” – Wayne Marshall

D/L: ===> Wayne Marshall – Times Well Hard (Overcome)


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drake_bwI always said Drake made music I can really relate to and this is one of those tracks… It really rings bells for me and makes me fell kinda 😦 … but that’s the way life goes and if things change and they become real again, I’ll definitely be inclined to become everything and more to that one person on whatever level… But for now I’m just waiting for them to SAY SOMETHING… Definitely feeling what he’s talking about on this jawn.

Any hoots, sounds like Drizzy tweaked up some unreleased vocals for this Timbo collaboration. I think I heard some of these bars on other records that haven’t leaked at all, but I like it. Thank Me Later is gonna be a problem…

Thank me later… H

“…But I guess things change/ It’s funny how someone else’s success brings pain/ When you’re no longer involved & that person has it all & you just stuck standing there/ But I’ma need you to SAY SOMETHING BABY…”

D/L: ===> Timbaland ft. Drake – Say Something


D/L: ===> Drake & Gucci Mane – Believe It Or Not (REFERENCE)

D/L: ===> Drake – King Leon (REFERENCE)

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bobby_funke“Nobody’s misunderstood… That’s just what people say when they don’t like who they are.” – Bobby Funke (Assassination of a High School President)

As I continually write and brainstorm over my screenplay, I’ve started to watch obscure mainstream movies for inspirational dialog and techniques. I came across this movie called Assassination of a High School President and fell in love with the way this kids carry themselves and the witty almost apathetic noir of the way this movie was shot. It’s like a dark comedy and is shot in the same way the last Batman movie was shot… Grainy and dark…

I was taken in by the main character Bobby Funke because he reminds me of myself sort of… Someone who is in search of answers, love and his big break… Bobby wants to be an investigative reporter, while I’m on my way to some sort of (sorry for the cliche) “MOGUL STATUS,” but the passion is there and the drive is there. The kid is intelligent, weird, obnoxious and motivated by his search for the truth.

speak_your_mind_by_whuffe1I’m giving him/the writers of this movie my quote of the day because people who say, “You don’t understand me…” “You’ll never get me…” “I’m misunderstood…” are using that as a defense mechanism when people finally get them… I used to think along those lines myself… Maybe because of the attention factor involved, but now it’s like I’m SCREAMING OUT LOUD and I think most of you understand every word I’m saying fucking say…

What’s ironic is that people who hide behind the mask of “misunderstanding” usually become the most cut and dry people we see in society… The people who wake up and go to work and live like the robots most of society is slowly becoming… I can’t be like that and I’ll never accept it.

The other bunch of people are those who scream out for attention on a daily basis. To fill some void in their lives. I was admittedly one of these people myself. I’d justify the shit I’d say and do by hiding behind the shield of being “misunderstood.” When people pretty much read me loud and clear. I was misguided, reckless and defensive. People would ask why? And I’d say, “you just don’t get me.”

Nowadays I want people to understand me so what I do/say can maybe give someone else knowledge of self or some insight.  If I’m eating light bulbs dipped in BBQ sauce there’s a reason for it. Whether it’s for attention or because I like the way thin glass and BBQ sauce tastes, there’s reasoning behind it. Just like everything else we do.

Being misunderstood is not something to be proud of. It may look cool and sound cool to be “misunderstood,” but the greatest minds in this world spoke to us with a clear message and tone that made us listen. What “misunderstood” idiot have you listen to lately?

If I don’t get you… If you feel people won’t ever or don’t understand you. I ain’t gonna listen to you.

In short… If you feel you have the passion to do more with your life than the run of the mill, than do it! If you have the sense to speak clearly and stand behind every word you say, then do it! If you aren’t afraid to try and be something more than just be regular, be it. If you have a voice, use it!

We all my not get what you’re trying to say, but if you stand behind those words and try to make people understand… You’re well on your way to NOT being MISUNDERSTOOD and that feeling is pretty dope.

Oh yeah… There’s definitely exceptions to the rule… Like….. LIL WAYNE… ummm yeah, but I don’t think he’s human status anymore 🙂


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D/L: ===> Lil Wayne – Misunderstood

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