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I’m thinking in Autotune tonight… It’s Saturday night… Cold… Rainy… Playing it solo dolo…

west_bank_storyI’m in watching movie mode and had a chance to peep Noureen Dewulf in West Bank Story again… This time I paid attention since I need to take some pointers from the dialogue and  on the second watch it was very, very dope!

I’m trying to figure how to make what I write subtly “non-offensive” because of the cultural commentary and conflict in my story… I want people to laugh and relate to my shit. This movie (for as short as it is) makes light of a real situation, but wasn’t too offensive to the  whole Israeli & Palestinian conflict that it poked fun at.

SIDE NOTE: ===> I loved the Kosher Kings and Hummas Hut battle; too funny!

See my whole vision for my project revolves around how we live in the moment with some people and neglect to think about underlying issues such as culture, religion and family… What do we pick at the end of the day? I want my story to go through 3 general ways of thinking and ultimately lead my character down towards destiny’s path. I’m coo coo bananas for even thinking like this, but that’s the ‘mad scientist’ in me wanting to creatively show you that even though this shit is real and hurt, it’s not something that doesn’t deserve to be made light of because realistically laughter is the best medicine . 🙂


Alex AKA The Mad Hater

Of course Alex (The Mad Hater) has no faith in my vision or the fact that after music I will do the movie thing. Yes… He’s been wrong before… Well multiple times really, but we’ll chalk that up to his passion for perfection and when he takes home an Oscar of his own for actually making a movie with me and not knowing someone who edits news stories, he’ll feel more fulfilled. 🙂

For now I have more writing to do. It’s kind of fun to whip up scenarios from real life and put them into something that ultimately is going to amount to my life’s work. Time is on our side now and we’re gonna do some serious with it!

Enjoy the movie and shout out to Noureen Dewulf. She’s going to be a problem in 2010… And I only believe this cause this nigga is fucking funny and I know funny because I’m like the funniest person ever!


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