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nina_skyFaded Memories” is not one of the songs I paid much attention too on Nina Sky’s first album, maybe because it’s that cliche sad story about heart break and holding on to the past memories of love that clearly didn’t work out. And of course at that time I didn’t have much of an emotional tie to any woman that wasn’t based on a good sexual relationship.

I didn’t start thinking like a chick till 2-3 years ago when the time I spent with a woman was more important than money, sex or whatever meant to me, yeah maybe I was in love… But not with them, but I was in love with the situation. I loved to be part of something bigger than just me for once and to be embraced by family and friends in such away that made me feel “loved” made me think I was in love.

love_calBut what exactly is love? The more I think about it; it becomes a more of an obscure notion to me. I’m by no means in love now. I realized that my past “love”  is my past and it was good and I have no regrets, but time wasted…

My “NOW” is to get on and be real about life. Can’t get caught up in what could have been with her or the one after that. People like me don’t need to be loved… We need to be wanted!

And to preach on about finding real love is another cliche because we never really get what we want when other people tend to dictate what they think we need when it comes to love.

If I was looking for stability, I’d love a girl who worked for the government or a hospital. If I was looking for good sex, I’d marry a porn star. If I was looking for money, I’d marry a rich old lady…

I’m just looking for someone who’s like me, who gets me and accepts me for me. Not much to ask for when you have everything else, but it’s the most difficult thing to find when you already met her and will prolly never see that again because silly me can’t even manage to be friends with someone like me…

Faded memories… Nah… I try not to let them fade because why forget about the good stuff when that’s what really counts, right?

And there’s too many fly jawns out there… Why dwell on what could have been great when living in the now can breed some decent potential. 🙂

By the way… I was just planning on posting this video of the Nina’s performing “Faded Memories” live @ SOB’s last month and went into my tangent about love and women and shit… Oh well… At least I got in out.

-H Diddy Blogger… Out

D/L: ===> Nina Sky – Faded Memories

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ryan_leslie_hal_linton_lexus_cars_music_showcase10Dude gave me some irrational advice, but it was on me to take it or not and being that I’m type irrational myself of course I went with my heart and did what I felt was right… Then this nigga drops this record. And like I always says, “real life makes for the best art…”  and this definitely got me open.

I feel what he says on this one mainly because I met someone who made a serious difference and I took that chance and I knew that it could have been real… But they weren’t willing to take the chance and instead they dropped me. Yeah… I got dropped from being someone’s friend (Pretty lame)… Since then I write shit like this because I still have no clue why or what for when I took it on myself to keep a friendship like that going…

ryan_leslie_hal_linton_lexus_cars_music_showcase9I’m a hard act to get along with, but if you actually cared like you said you did; you could have endured… That’s what real friends do right? And I still believe that I have a real friend out there and hope one day whatever happened in that person’s head will disappear because… I don’t know I’m a dreamer I guess and I don’t give up on people that made an impact/difference on me… <=== How real is that?

If you haven’t noticed my friends and family mean the world to me. That’s something about me that’s not going to change ever because they’re the reason I am who I am today. Without their impact; I’d prolly be pretty down and out right now and doing  some shit with my life I wouldn’t be content with. Y’all keep me going… I LOVE Y’ALL NIGGAS! 🙂

Any hoots,  enjoy this new R. Les. Transition album out 11.03.2009

Thank Me Later… H

“See I knew it was right, so I took the chance/ Disregarded the challenge of the circumstance/ Now you’re too big a part of me to let you go/ …I promise/ …So despite the way I make mistakes & despite the direction this love my take/ You can always be sure of me; just have faith/…I got you…

D/L: ===> Ryan Leslie – I Choose You

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