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Here is the theatrical trailer for the latest action movie Takers starring Hip Hop & R&B stars Tip “T.I.” Harris & Chris Brown and also staring Idris Elba, Matt Dillon, Zoe Saldana, Michael Ealy, Paul Walker, Jay Hernandez & Hayden Christensen.

Takers is in Theater February 26, 2010

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Lois Loser…

Ali holding the big boy Ciroc Obama

Ali holding the big boy Ciroc Obama

November of last year I decided to take a bet with my friend Lois Lame Loser which was for both of us to stop drinking till her birthday in February of 2009.

Well long story short we tied and both felt great afterward. Of course she got wrecked on her birthday and I celebrated by drinking about a half gallon of Ciroc Obama on Valentines Day with Whoo-Lee Hoop, Ali & Shaun… How liberating a moment it was and how easy was it to get back into “drankin'” again.

Most of all what I got out of the experience was that I got to help a friend who maybe at the time needed a break from the extremes of life like I did. I don’t know any other reason why I’d do it than that. After all Lois was there for me when I almost made the biggest mistake of my life about a year before our bet ended.

See… What she doesn’t know and will read now is the night I first talked to her on the phone was the night I’d almost well… Let’s just say I almost made the biggest mistake of my life… She know the story now, but after I didn’t go through with it, I felt so off and needed someone to talk to. I saw her on MSN or AIM or whatever and hit her up. We ended up talking till like 6am and she we got to know each other so well after that.

lois_lame_hSince that day we’ve been the best of friends. We talk about relationships, crack obscene jokes and just vibe like we’re actually neighbors…  LL has been someone I confide in, trust and most of all will always look out for and do stupid shit like take bets like this and not drink or whatever. As long as I know she’s somewhat in a good space that’s all that really matters.

What’s crazy is we’ve never actually met in person… She came to me as a fan of Nick’s (Nickelus F) in 2005, started randomly hitting me up on AIM in 2007 and since 2008 she’s been there for the kid.I’m kind of glad we haven’t actually met in person yet because the way we are now seems to work, but the day will come and I think we’ll be aight…

So now some time  has passed and another year has gone down the toilet. She’s still here and we decided to do what we did last year again, but for only 2 months…This time I was more will and able because I moderated a lot of the bad shit in my life, bad food, bad women and most of all bad writing…

ll_lossSo yeah… She caved and lost our new bet last weekend and even twitted about it 🙂

And now I’m so proud of myself for being a winner and beating a white girl. 🙂 There’s no greater feeling in the world than that! 🙂

And Lois there’s always next year, next time or whatever… You’ll get another chance at it one day, but for now you’re just a loser… 😦 Daam shame too you’re so smart, so sexy, so rich and so white… You should have breezed though 2 months without blinking, but I guess that’s the breaks 😉

I still got love for you though and will always be mindful of how great you are to me. This weekend, when I’m getting twisted at the Drizzy show for Howard Homecoming, I’ll sing his song “The Winner” in your honor. 😉



D/L: ===> Drake – The Winner

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