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A HUGHISM is a my philosophy and/or random thoughts written out in 140 characters or less over TWITTER Since most of the people who check my blog don’t twit with me. I’m gonna post up random HUGHISM’s on my blog.  Get familiar cause it’s time for me to spread the LOVE…

This is part 2…


#Hughism I don’t go HAM… I go BACOM! 

#Hughism I don’t think any question is stupid, but pretending to have all the answers is…

#Hughism Knowledge Of Self (Determination) (Word To Talib Kweli!)

#Hughism Life without knowledge is like death in disguise… (Word To Talib Kweli!)

#Hughism The words I say don’t always convey what I’m feeling… (Word To Talib Kweli!)

#Hughism There’s no stopping a person with a vision even if you take his/her sight away (Word to Ray Charles!)

#Hughism I guess everyone needs someone to love… Can’t keep love lonely  (Word to The Pharcyde!)

#Hughism I’m single because this guy gets all the ladies  ===> http://twitpic.com/t8dle

#Hughism I think elves really existed once… I don’t know why, but I just do…

#Hughism We all have a 6th sense…. I call mine DRIVE

#Hughism One who strives for attention is no different than anyone else who has an addiction, but they’re more self destructive in my opinion

#Hughism Time machines are stupid, hence the fact that the guy who invented it hasn’t come back from his trip yet.

#Hughism “I ain’t got it so you can’t have it… X gonna give it to ya” (Via DMX’s weird ass mouth)

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

D/L: ===> Channel Live ft. KRS-ONE – Mad Izm

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