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DISCLAIMER: I wrote most of this back in October, but never posted it till now… Great quote and I finally think it’s time to throw it out there. Enjoy…

“You live, you die & spend the years in between asking the question… Why you’ve been through what you been? You lose, you win, you even pay for other sins, but you must always adore the skin you are in…” -Amel Larrieux

Life’s funny sometimes with little jabs and pitfalls that I think are meant to teach us something in the end, but overall don’t really… Why do I say that?

Because do we ever really listen to what our brains tell us is “right” or “wrong?”

We’re taught at a young age to respect our elders and follow the lead of the people who know best, but who’s to say they know best? I learned “right” and “wrong” in the 80’s and 90’s my parents learned it in the 1950’s and 60’s. There’s a generational gap that speaks volumes there. So who’s to say they’re right or our teachers are right? Because they’re our elders?

And it’s like I’m almost 30 years old now and still wandering… Not aimlessly, but recklessly…

I have no right to speak in the vein of a bitter person who feels like the world owes him something because I owe the world sometimes for saving my life about 5 or 6 times, but in exchange I’ve dealt with irony… The worst type of pain.

I know some of y’all can relate and like I tell people all the time, I’ve never had it hard in my life, I make it hard on myself. I push limits… I do things I shouldn’t be doing… I just fucking don’t care sometimes. It’s like I really have found myself spinning with no end.

The thing that keeps me driven and somewhat focused is the fact that I have the opportunity to do as I please in life. I HAVE OPTIONS. My heart and mind is driven by the notion that the OPTIONS I have will carry me through. I endured a lot of hardships and constantly embark on new challenges, but through it all the core remains the same.

The family and friends that have been there will always be a big part of the picture… The people that embrace me for me will always be part of the picture… The people that just don’t know… They will never know till it’s to late and they’re trying to catch up while we’re not even trying to look back.

So what will tomorrow bring?

I can’t predict the future homie, but I will always have to deal with the glitches in life that make it what it is… A LIFE… THE LIFE… MY LIFE…

H Diddy Blogger… Out

D/L: ===> Amel Larrieux & The Roots – Glitches

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