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I don’t usually feed into this Illuminati shit because what’s the point?

They’ve been around forever and that’s just the way it is… Evil or not, are you gonna stop them or get up and go to work on Monday and keep minding your business?

Frankly, this “conspiracy theory” stuff has entertained me since I was in 10th grade. Now people are just noticing it more even though it’s been prevalent since the 60’s in popular culture. I can remember bands like Blacks Sabbath openly worshiping Satan and Ozzy Osborne biting heads off bats and drinking blood on stage in the name of “entertainment.” But Jay-Z makes a dark video and everyone is on his dick about it… Is everything the black man does that trend setting and upsetting to society?

I hope so cause when we come up y’all ain’t gonna be ready for the shit we got…

I basically already expressed my dislike of the direction this took Jay-Z visually as an artist because isn’t Jay-Z to me. When I first saw the video I liked it because it was creative and now people are putting an effort into trying to expose him as a “Mason” or a member of the “Illuminati” because of it. I think you get your free pass to these “secret societies” once you make your first $100 million… The rest of the people are born into… And so what if Jay’s in it. I ain’t mad when he’s in VIP at the club and I’m stuck at the bar. Those who are mad we call, “HATERS.”

So ok, here’s an “analysis” of the “On To The Next One” video some guy put together on New Year’s day to help us see the light. My man Kev Clark (Don’t Lose Your Day Job ) sent me the link and we’ve been laughing about this since yesterday. The guy who made this video, instead of rallying people together to fight the power, got on Microsoft Moviemaker and ripped apart a Jay-Z video to try to help us understand shit we’re prolly never gonna care about or fully understand ever!

It’s no secret that there’s a power greater than government out there that controls shit, but again, what the fuck can we do about it?

There’s over six billion people on this planet and we let a small handful control us???

That doesn’t show me that there’s a problem with them… That shows me there’s a problem with us…

Think about it.


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DJ Wristpect pays homage to T.O. & V.A.’s best. Of course my niggas Nickelus F & Drake are all over this bitch!

Wristpect is an actual DJ, cuts, blends and breaks! The mixtape is dope. get it!

Download: Wristpect – Bridging The Gap V4 (Toronto to Virginia)

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I love the creativity in this video, but let’s admit… Satan prolly directed this shit… The visuals are at times too outrageous and downright dark… And the terrible product placement of a Jaguar XJ was bullshit. They must have paid him a grip to cosign that…  Who drives those shits?

I know! Every stupid nigga who wants to be like Jay does. Enjoy the shitty engine and interior that looks like a Power Wheels toy truck motherfuckers…  The milk thing is kinda creepy too. Birdman had Drake walkin’ in milk in the “Money To Blow” and this video had mad milk in it too… MILK = EVIL to me now… Thank goodness I don’t drink that shit. And why are we drinking milk from a cow’s tit anyway? That’s not even right!

Anyways… I love Jay’s artistry at time, but sometimes I think he’s just one of those dumb niggas that goes a long with what his “cool new friends” want him to do. Don’t get it twisted, the video is hot, but to me it’s not at all a good representation of the Jay-Z I want to remember or know as the greatest to do it because this is more Marlyn Manson than Shawn Carter (Props to C.E. on the Marlyn Manson comparison).

I guess enjoy the video for what it is ===> “Entertainment”

And don’t worry so much about going to hell, if more shit like this is allowed out, we’re prolly already living in hell.

On To The Next One…

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