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Braid My Hair…

“Braid My Hair…” What a dope record.

I think my love for this record started when I made Ace (Teresa) drive from Philly to State College on a day trip with no sleep (I slept most of the ride though 🙂 Ace is such a great friend) and “Braid My Hair” was one of the songs on this mix CD I made for the trip… I wasn’t too keen on R&B at the time, but this song was sooo ill to me. It came on at random the other day and went right back into rotation… But For real it’s one of those songs that kinda relieves some of the stress I might feel on a day to day… I zone out on jawns like this.

I wish I had some hair right now so I can tell my girl to BRAID MY HAIR!  hahahah!

C’mon and braid my hair
Back in my hood, feelin good
No worries or no cares
Baby, use your hands to make me feel alright
And take away the stress and drama in my life
While you braid my hair…

You may think that I’m complainin’, but that’s not the case, all I’m sayin/ Is my body gets weak, my mind gets tired/ I need sleep, but i gotta keep travelin’ on the road/ Doin’ these shows, New York to Cali/ Dallas to Philly/ It’s the rules of the game, that i chose to play…

D/L: ===> Mario – Braid My Hair

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