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Welcome home brother! It’s been way too long time and I believe you’re gonna do your thing again homie.


…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

“Came here with my dick in my hand! Don’t make me leave here with my foot in yo ass. Be cool… “

D/L: ===> Mystikal ft. Pharrell Williams – Shake Ya Ass

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I Choose You 2…

Another R.Les leak… He must be real sorry that Transition was wack… I like this record a lot though. This joint kinda hits home to me because I’ve been there… Now I’m more or less kind of not feeling it anymore… It’s now a different time and place for me. The past will remain what it is and if it comes back around then that’s fate, but if not I’m doing real good where I stand right now. I can sincerely say I’m happy and letting go of the “past” is only as hard as you let it be because you can’t change the past.

The future… We can’t control the future, but can try and make a difference in friendships and relationships we have in the NOW.

NOW is what counts the most… With all that perspective shouldn’t everyone look forward to a bright future without even thinking or worrying about it?

GONE… Enjoy this one.


Believe what I say when I say I’m real because there’s no mistake in the way I feel…

D/L: ===> Ryan Leslie – I Choose You 2

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