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Of course G Rap got my favorite verse ever. No one can fade the God… He was the hardest nigga in rap for a decade. He taught Karrin Steffans how to be a woman… He went bar for bar with some of the greatest from the east to the west… And he’s from Queens… My nigga.

It’s Kool G Rap. Get familiar!

Shit ain’t never gonna change.. FUKKIT!
Time to load the clips – THEN WE TAKE EM TO WAR
Niggaz wanna flip – THEN WE TAKE EM TO WAR
Break a nigga proper – THEN WE BREAK HIM SOME MORE

Here I come to get some motherfuckin wreck but first I gotta
umm vest check, uncheck, clip one check, clip two check, I’m set
So let a motherfucker move a muscle
When I tussle they’ll be piecin niggaz back like fuckin puzzles
Cause Kool G. Rap is known for bringin mad noise, a bad boy
When I was younger always carried guns, I never had toys
Grimm, gimme the infrared they see me and I’m puttin red dots
on niggaz foreheads to makin motherfuckers indian
You got beef?  Go get yourself a wreath, because it’s murder
cause I put holes in my beef like fuckin White Castle burgers
So now I gots to run up on a clown with the fo’-pound
Cock back, rock black, gun a nigga down
I see em, he’s comin out the fuckin coliseum
and hopped into a BM, shit!
Put in my clip and then I dipped into the ride that my man had
Parked on the sidewalk, then we start to glide
I’m rainin on him (faster nigga) oh yeah we’re gainin on him
(oh shit he’s with somebody else) fukkit, put his brain on him
Boom boom, no survivors, lifted the nigga out his seat
When they find him, he’ll be a backseat driver
But I ain’t finished with the trigger yet, I’m lightin up a cigarette
Bang bang, I left the other nigga wet
It’s G. Rap baby, you know me, you try to hurt this
I split your fuckin top and leave a fingerprint on purpose!

-Kool G Rap (“Take Em To War”)

Download/Listen: Kool G Rap – Take ‘Em to War (SOLO VERSE)

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