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Download: Nickelus F – Fueled Up (Produced by Stefan Skeeter & Mario Brandan)

Here’s the last release “Fueled Up” which serves as the intro to  Season Premiere. And here’s the track listing & artwork for the “F” of it!



Season Premiere Tracklist

01. Fueled Up (Produced by Stefan Skeeter & Mario Brandan)

02. Season Premiere (Produced by Rich Kidd)

03.World Renown (Produced by Burd & Keyz)

04. Cold City (Produced by Stefan Skeeter)

05. Like This (Produced by Kid Icarus)

06. $$$ (Angles) (Produced by The Goodie Boys)

07. All Lat (Produced by The Engineerz)

08. Take You With Me (Produced by Sinopsis & Mario Brandan)

09. On My Sh*t (Produced by Absolute)

10. Opportunity Knockin’ feat. Shawn Chapelle (Produced by Stefan Skeeter)

11. Stand Tall (Produced by Dub Sonata)

12. Clap For Him (Produced by Stefan Skeeter)

13. What Am I Supposed To Do (Produced by Stefan Skeeter, Mario Brandan & Nickelus F)

14. Running (Produced by Stefan Skeeter)

15. Carpe Diem (Produced by Elite)

16. Credits (Reese Witherspoon) (Produced by Brad Ohblivion)


17. Aggressive Content (Produced by Plan Beats)

18. Shine On feat. XV (Produced by C4 The Wiseguy)

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