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Our homie Will Bryan directed this jawn for Richmond, VA’s Suburban District. The video and song is killin’ check it out.


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“Remember Me” is an unreleased song from the Season Premiere sessions produced by Stefan Skeeter. Look out for a new Nickelus F mixtape with Mr. Peter Parker coming out November 2010.

Download: Remember Me

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Season Premiere HD features the best of Nick’s summer 2010 release Season Premiere plus some new music for the Fall.  Season Premiere HD also features the singles “Take You With Me” (Watch video on OnSmash.com) and “Chocolate Milk” (Video coming soon…)

01. Red Carpet & Velvet Rope (Produced by B. Dolla & DJ Tech-Neek)

02. Cold City (Produced by Stefan Skeeter)

03. Chocolate Milk (Produced by Conrizzle)

04. Crushin’ Your Toes

05. $$$ (Angles) (Produced by The Goodie Boys)

06. Simma Down (Produced by The Very Incredible Producers & Stefan Skeeter)

07. Everything Is Good (Produced by Nino of Got Beatz Productions)

08. All Lat (Produced by The Engineerz)

09. Take You With Me (Produced by Omega One & Mario Brandan)

10. Daddy Nigga (Produced by Brad Ohblivion)

11. Never Comin’ Down (Produced by Aviles)

12. Aggressive Content (Produced by Plan Beats)

13. What Am I Supposed To Do (Produced by Stefan Skeeter, Mario Brandan & Nickelus F)

14. Carpe Deim (Produced by Elite)

15. Reese Witherspoon (Produced by Brad Ohblivion)

16. Running *BONUS TRACK* (Produced by Stefan Skeeter)

Download: Nickelus F – Season Premiere HD (Mixtape)

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This is the final release before Season Premiere HD drops tomorrow 09.14.2010.


Download: Nickelus F – Crushin’ Your Toes

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Here’s the full length video for Nickelus F’s “Take You With Me.” This is the 3rd video from Nick’s Season Premiere mixtape. Directed by Will Bryan & cinematography by Alex Hawthorne for Smooth Dirty Productions.Will Bryan will also be directing the Nickelus F’s  “Chocolate Milk” video (Coming soon).

Season Premiere HD mixtape arrives 09.14.2010!


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This was suppose to drop tomorrow :-/ Oh well…. Here’s “Chocolate Milk” for that ass! Produced by the homie Conrizzle. This is like the… I don’t know 50th release from Season Premiere HD coming 09.14.2010. Shit is gonna be a banger of a re-release.

By the way the “Take You With Me” video is coming out FRIDAY! It’s going to be sooooooooooo EPIC. Shout out to Will Bryan & Bhott (Smooth Dirty Production) for giving us another classic video (Check out “Aggressive Content” if you don’t believe me). Oh yeah…. the video also co-stars one of my favorite people ever Bhumi, who happens to steal the show (Sorry Nick) 😉  Check out the “Take You With Me” Trailer.


Download: Nickelus F – Chocolate Milk (Produced by Conrizzle)

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