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“Remember Me” is an unreleased song from the Season Premiere sessions produced by Stefan Skeeter. Look out for a new Nickelus F mixtape with Mr. Peter Parker coming out November 2010.

Download: Remember Me

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Download: Nickelus F – Fueled Up (Produced by Stefan Skeeter & Mario Brandan)

Here’s the last release “Fueled Up” which serves as the intro to  Season Premiere. And here’s the track listing & artwork for the “F” of it!



Season Premiere Tracklist

01. Fueled Up (Produced by Stefan Skeeter & Mario Brandan)

02. Season Premiere (Produced by Rich Kidd)

03.World Renown (Produced by Burd & Keyz)

04. Cold City (Produced by Stefan Skeeter)

05. Like This (Produced by Kid Icarus)

06. $$$ (Angles) (Produced by The Goodie Boys)

07. All Lat (Produced by The Engineerz)

08. Take You With Me (Produced by Sinopsis & Mario Brandan)

09. On My Sh*t (Produced by Absolute)

10. Opportunity Knockin’ feat. Shawn Chapelle (Produced by Stefan Skeeter)

11. Stand Tall (Produced by Dub Sonata)

12. Clap For Him (Produced by Stefan Skeeter)

13. What Am I Supposed To Do (Produced by Stefan Skeeter, Mario Brandan & Nickelus F)

14. Running (Produced by Stefan Skeeter)

15. Carpe Diem (Produced by Elite)

16. Credits (Reese Witherspoon) (Produced by Brad Ohblivion)


17. Aggressive Content (Produced by Plan Beats)

18. Shine On feat. XV (Produced by C4 The Wiseguy)

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Download/Listen: Top Quality – Magnum Opus

This reminds me of Summer and I’ve been diggin’ in the crates for shit lately, so this jawn stuck out like crazy to me. Honestly Top Quality like many other early to mid-90’s rappers wasn’t talking about much, but the hook and title “Magnum Opus” sounds so EPIC! Shout out to Top Quality & PMD for making a classic!

LOVE IT! So I will have to pay homage.

After 05.31.2010’s Season Premiere I’m going to be so back on my writing game….

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Here’s a remix F got an opportunity to hop on. R. Les is one of my favorite artists and this beat & song are so undeniably smooth! Enjoy.

Nickelus F Season Premiere coming 05.31.2010.


Download: Ryan Leslie ft. Nickelus F – When I Think About Love (I Do, I Do) Remix

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

One of my favorite songs off of Alicia’s last album and the video made me love it even more.

Watch it and tell me what you think. It kind of leaves you hanging at the end because the message to the video is that “LOVE” should concur all, but at what cost?

What are you willing to risk to be with the one you love (no matter who they are or what they are…)?

I’ve been there and I was willing to go all in for it (even though I was dead wrong about my feelings). Really the video has a message for those of us who actually have faith in what taking a chance on something potentially meaningful can mean to us. It’s for people who still believe in real love and the power of it. It’s for people who aren’t afraid of what “they” have to say about it.

I think the end of the video is fitting as well. It leaves the viewer with the power to make up their own minds about what Alicia should have done…

And I think if I were in that position I would have done the Un-Thinkable…


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The “UnCommon In The Commonwealth” emcee is being co-signed by Commonwealth for his Season Premiere & he ripped apart Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit A” beat for DJ A-Plus on iPower92 in Richmond!

Congrats Nick!


Download/Listen: DJ A-Plus & Nickelus F – Interactive Launch Pad iPower92 Radio Interview (05.08.2010)

Download/Listen: Nickelus F – Exhibit A Freestyle (iPower92 Radio 05.08.2010)

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