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It wouldn’t be a good weekend without an R.Les post! 🙂

This is the Lexus ad campaign he’s been working on called “The Rushers” it’s a commercial that’s broken up into various parts that make up some sort of adventure. Here’s part one and a behind the scenes. You can see a snippet of the show I was at in October ’09 where R.Les was in DC in the behind the scenes footage. I got to hang with R.Les courtesy of Lexus and it was a blast! That’s the night he gave me the shitty advice too. 😦 Can’t win em all, but I’m glad to see this campaign finally taking off and 2010 will be redemption for that shitty Transition album!

Oh yeah… Below is a new jawn called “When We Dance” featuring Baiyu. It’s very dope and is part of a good string of Ryan Leslie leaks and revised tracks from Transition that have come out in the past month or so.



D/L: ===> Ryan Leslie ft. Baiyu – When We Dance

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Disclaimer: I needed something to write about and the homie M.Rell suggested I go in on this topic. You can say these are some “random” thoughts on my behalf… I might be a boat and a hoe type of guy or I might not be… 😉 you’ll never know until you really get to know me… For now I’m just a writer with serious writers block… 😦

You ever wonder what the big deal about “Boats & Hoes” is?

Well, I do and I think about it sometimes because I’ve see it so much because my family lives by the water, I worked for the largest boating association in the universe and yeah; I’ve been on the boat.

boats_&_hoesThe feeling a white man must get when he’s out on his expensive 30footer with his daughter’s little co-ed college girlfriends frolicking around his deck is probably one that is as euphoric as getting head while you’re high on opium. Geezz… I can only imagine what goes through the minds of men with boats and hoes.

It’s truly a lifestyle we wish we could all attain, but is the ultimate in frivolous and wasteful living. The funny thing about the “Boats & Hoes” is that I was told once by one of my wealthy co-hearts that “boats” and “hoes” are the worst investment you can make. The cost to maintain a boat outweighs the boats value within a few years and hoes come with the money, so why invest in them?

Homie had a point, but there’s something about boats and hoes that fascinates me so much and makes me wonder why people (particularly white people) have so many of them.

boats_&_hoes2It’s no surprise that as I get older I want more out of life and I wishfully think that there’s more to success than maintaining a boat so some hoes can use it as a floating tanning bed. It seems to be something that I want either way. Not because it’s a sign of high status or because hoes on boats look better than hoes on land, but because when you feel like there’s nothing left, but that type of shit in your life, why not go in for it?

The ultimate goal for guys like me would traditionally be to get the boats & hoes because that’s all we see. I wanted simpler things like stability, a good woman, 2.5 kids and a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house on a ½ acre of land, but that’s what I came from and my mum and dad didn’t spend all this money on me for me to settle for less than more than what they gave me. And when I did try to “settle” for that life, I ended up on the short end of the stick. So fuck it…

It’s all about the Boats & Hoes for this nigga… For now…

H Diddy Blogger… Out

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

D/L: ===> Huff-N-Doback (Will Farell & John C Reilly) – Boats & Hoes

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