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Halloween was chill I was a Jay-Z lyric for the holiday “All Black Everything.” No one got it, but I did 🙂 pow!

Aby, Whoo-Lee Hoop & Nilou came by and chilled for a bit before we all parted ways. It was great to see all of them (It’s been a minute).

Enjoy these pictures… I know I was a bit typsy when I took em… So excuse the facial expressions 😉

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

That’s what my blog is… A diary of a mad man… I catch the Arabs playing Nintendo Wii! What other bloggers can say they brought that to the game?

ME! That’s who…

D/L: ===> Gravediggaz – Diary Of A Madman







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Drake & H Diddy Dollar_taggedFor the past year and some change I’ve seen my world change a lot. I’ve taken on new ways of thinking, new friends and a new way of life that border lines the savage contention of the “common man.”

I realize more than ever that I’m not “common” and no one around me is either… Nor do we strive for just being content with what life has to offer to us on our first run up to the buffet that it is (life). We go for more and have gone to the greatest of lengths to get it. I’ve always believed there’s no limit to the amount you can do if you’re willing to do it and go hard for it! That’s why I do music and that’s why now I want to make a movie… It’s shit that I know I can do… Shit I feel I can do and become great at.

And I don’t dream any more… I live and do what I want. I tell my niggas that all the time… “You only live once…” “Live for the day…” “Do it like you’re doing it for TV…”

All cliches, but real fucking talk and last night I saw it for what it really was. What we’ve worked for and want out of life; which is all the “d’evils” everyone seems to hate on when they see people getting them from a distance. All the “good” shit I’ve touched in the past (cars, money, bitches & the good life), but lately seem to be a little at a distance to me lately…

Nickelus F, Drake  & Radio B taggedWell… H Diddy seems is primed and ready for it now and so are my niggas!  No matter what we do; success is all that’s in our vision and it’s not only for us, but for everyone who’s eating with us, but they got to feel it and work just as hard for it.

And don’t worry about our shit… It’s going to be straight in OH-10…


Those are the things that no matter what goes down between us stays consistent and I saw that last night when we reunited with a friend that seemed to be “so far gone” at some point, but in real terms is still down to earth with (us) his niggas. It was some real shit and made me feel good that some of that new positive attitude I’ve adopted from Nick, Aby and even the Muse seems to be working out for me and all of us.

Life’s only going to get better… Success or Die. Are you in?

YEP!… I’ve got to watch Penn State V. Michigan in a few and I wanted to say that and I wanted to post some pictures from this week up. I’ve gotten to chill with some real talent lately…It’s gotten me inspired already! Look out for some great writing from me soon… I’m changing up the style a bit 😉


…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

D/L: ===> Drake & Nickelus F – When We Come Around


Amerie & Melanie Fiona came out the box to chill on Thursday with us in DC & Drake’s birthday & Howard Homecoming @ Club Love last night 🙂

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ryan_leslie_hal_linton_lexus_cars_music_showcase17Here’s the pictures from last Tuesdays Ryan Leslie & Hal Linton Showcase hosted by Lexus Cars… I held back on putting these on the blog because I wanted to edit the video of the Ryan Leslie/Hal Linton interview and post them with the pictures. The footage came out crappy because the green room had shit lighting and the noise from the band who was literally like 20 feet from the room drowned out a lot of what Ryan was saying. I’ll keep working on it and see what I can eventually post up here. Oh yeah and Hal Linton will be a big deal watch!

Overall we had a great time, Shaun got twisted, Ali got to show off his new coat and I got to chop it up with Ryan Leslie (I’m pissed cause I left my nerd glasses on and didn’t put the ice grill on… ).

Overall, I walked away from that show with a little knowledge from Ryan Leslie that I took back and used… Needless to say he was wrong and I think I have to resort to his Plan A which I made into a Plan B or just go on like I’ve been for the last 3 months and just be chill… I think I’m gonna just chill because there’s nothing I can really do or say to fix something that never was broken in the first place, so I’ll spare myself the drama and bask in the knowledge that for once in my life, I can admit my faults and improve on my own and I think that’s all I really need to do now. After all, I live with no regret now. People change like the seasons do, but their impact and reason for being there remains the same.

ryan_leslie_hal_linton_lexus_cars_music_showcase26Any hoots… I can’t front I had a great time and took some awesome pictures. Shout outs to my big homie Jay (From Universal), Dwight (From Lexus) & Ali & Shaun for being my plus ones and enjoying the free drinks and food while I had to snap pictures and take video while they lived it up… FYI Lois Lame, I’m still not on the wagon No liquor = Happy Healthier H 🙂  (Is December here yet?)

So there it is… Enjoy the pictures and if you notice… R.Les got a big ol’ head like your man H Diddy… I guess big head niggas are really the most creative :-)<=== HOW REAL IS THAT?

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I’m cookin’ up a real blog tonight so stay tuned for that because I was in a good mood and now I’m so not and I’m actually gonna spill some real talk this time around with no innuendos or underlying messages.

For now here’s a little pictorial of my last good time with my awesome crew.

Dear Summer…  I know you’re gonna miss me.

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

Listen to this while you read 🙂

D/L: ===> Nina Sky – Beautiful People


4th_of_july_2009 (8)

It’s the 4th of July 2009. The view from Ali’s spot was pretty bawwwssss! Look at the money blowing up in the air!

4th_of_july_2009 (11)

Pictures of pictures speak volumes… So many memories 🙂

4th_of_july_2009 (9)

Shaun… The only picture of this man from this weekend I have… The skinny is I redeemed myself from calling a group of lesbians, “lesbians” and Shaun amazed me by pretty much running though “the office” and getting his swag on with no iPhone. He went into the spot and pulled  a 3 for 1 and left em for a jumbo slice of pizza. 🙂

4th_of_july_2009 (2)

Shkeema & Niloufar. Tinny hands (Nilou) and subtle sex (Keema). These are the only 2 people I know that think everything I say is from the perverted point of view. It’s a shame… So not me 😉 Next time I got to Nilou’s place we’re throwing some meat on that grill and Shkeema’s gonna eat it 🙂

4th_of_july_2009 (5)

Just met these 4… They’re pretty cool. Even though one of their kind murdered Steve McNair… Watch out for Persian girls…. 😦 joking! Y’all are awesome.


Aby… Ms. Awsome… One person who’s as crazy as me and ain’t worried about who cares… No one will ever see the video Aby 🙂 I promise… 😉 hahahahahaha

4th_of_july_2009 (4)


4th_of_july_2009 (6)

Ali loves his little baby bottle of Ciroc Obama… Daam recession

4th_of_july_2009 (7)

Lisa Turtle 🙂 Killin’ em with one smile… So bawwwsss!

4th_of_july_2009 (12)

Ali… Always surround by ladies, but… Well that’s life I guess 😉

4th_of_july_2009 (10)

And Aby says it all right here… WE HAD A BALL!

Now that I’m off and on to bigger and better things. There’s always one thing I’ll appreciate and that’s good friends. These niggas right here, don’t give a fuck what we say or do or whatever to each other and other people. We’ve all fucked up and have done fucked up things, but at the end of the day it’s all love because the truest friends shouldn’t judge you or put you in a place or make you feel like you don’t count. I don’t talk to these niggas all the time, but I know if I needed them, they’d be there for me.

That’s LOVE… That’s what friends are for. That’s why I know that this time I’m taking off from bullshiting will be well worth it cause to see my family and friends smile is all I’m in it for.

07.06.2009 ===> I’m gone & tomorrow begins.




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Here’s some stills from the Silverust “Racquetball” video shoot!

Yeah we shot it back in January… 2 Days after New Years, it’s 7 months later and we got screenshots!!!!! YAY!!


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