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This is probably my favorite NiNa Sky song right now. It was record back in 2006 when they were suppose to put out The Musical. It was also produced by Ryan Leslie before he was hot and before Nicole was openly Lesbian (She’s still bad regardless of if she like chicks or not).

Above is the video (which I should have posted two months ago when I first saw it) and below is the MP3, which a lot of people are looking for and I’m liberating. 😉

FYI: I’m writing a new blog called “Touching The Fat.” 🙂 It should be dropping some time tomorrow…. It’s probably the most distasteful thing I’ve ever written, but I got to go in because it’s my nature to do so. I’m so on my shit right now. Life is good 🙂

Download: NiNa Sky  – The Real (Produced by Ryan Leslie)

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“What Am I Suppose To Do” is the second video from Nickelus F’s Season Premiere mixtape. The clip is directed by Duy Nguyen for A College Project Productions and guest stars the producer of “What Am I Suppose To Do” Stefan Skeeter. Look out for Season Premiere HD, which has been pushed up to 09.12.2010.

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