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Drake & H Diddy Dollar_taggedFor the past year and some change I’ve seen my world change a lot. I’ve taken on new ways of thinking, new friends and a new way of life that border lines the savage contention of the “common man.”

I realize more than ever that I’m not “common” and no one around me is either… Nor do we strive for just being content with what life has to offer to us on our first run up to the buffet that it is (life). We go for more and have gone to the greatest of lengths to get it. I’ve always believed there’s no limit to the amount you can do if you’re willing to do it and go hard for it! That’s why I do music and that’s why now I want to make a movie… It’s shit that I know I can do… Shit I feel I can do and become great at.

And I don’t dream any more… I live and do what I want. I tell my niggas that all the time… “You only live once…” “Live for the day…” “Do it like you’re doing it for TV…”

All cliches, but real fucking talk and last night I saw it for what it really was. What we’ve worked for and want out of life; which is all the “d’evils” everyone seems to hate on when they see people getting them from a distance. All the “good” shit I’ve touched in the past (cars, money, bitches & the good life), but lately seem to be a little at a distance to me lately…

Nickelus F, Drake  & Radio B taggedWell… H Diddy seems is primed and ready for it now and so are my niggas!  No matter what we do; success is all that’s in our vision and it’s not only for us, but for everyone who’s eating with us, but they got to feel it and work just as hard for it.

And don’t worry about our shit… It’s going to be straight in OH-10…


Those are the things that no matter what goes down between us stays consistent and I saw that last night when we reunited with a friend that seemed to be “so far gone” at some point, but in real terms is still down to earth with (us) his niggas. It was some real shit and made me feel good that some of that new positive attitude I’ve adopted from Nick, Aby and even the Muse seems to be working out for me and all of us.

Life’s only going to get better… Success or Die. Are you in?

YEP!… I’ve got to watch Penn State V. Michigan in a few and I wanted to say that and I wanted to post some pictures from this week up. I’ve gotten to chill with some real talent lately…It’s gotten me inspired already! Look out for some great writing from me soon… I’m changing up the style a bit 😉


…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

D/L: ===> Drake & Nickelus F – When We Come Around


Amerie & Melanie Fiona came out the box to chill on Thursday with us in DC & Drake’s birthday & Howard Homecoming @ Club Love last night 🙂

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