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If you haven’t noticed I’ve been suffering from writers block lately ===> Hence all the music and Cam’Ron blogging (NO HOMO).

But last night I got a spark of inspiration from my friend KJ… Now KJ and I have been friends since like late 2003 and have held each other in the highest regards since… Now last night she called me… YES ME! MOTHERFUCKING SUPERFICIAL???

Now I didn’t refute or argue with her about it like I usually would, instead I asked someone who’s known me a lot longer if she thought I was SUPERFICIAL…

I holla’d at TERESA… She’s always One Hundred with me and even though I know she’s a little ticked about the Blackberry situation, but she’s always at least honest with me.

So Ace (Teresa) says, “sorry to hear… but no I don’t think so…”

Those are her exact words and it got me thinking…


1st: I like NICE THINGS, Nice cars, Nice women, Nice food, Nice drink, Nice shoes, Nice clothes…. Well you get the picture…

2nd: I listen to a lot of HIP HOP MUSIC and that influences me a lot… The list of people I respect/look up to the most goes something like this:

1. My Mommy, Daddy & Sister (What do you expect they raised me, STUPID!)

2. 50 Cent (Aggressive, smart and not scared to speak his mind… So me!)

3. Dame Dash (He always made it look so easy…  And he’s married to one of the BADDEST CHICKS around!)

4. Jay-Z (Class Act)

5. Nick & Drizzy (Got to look up to the future)

3rd: And how can I be SUPERFICIAL? I spent almost 5 years of my life building up other people’s lives! All I got in return was my heart broken, a rack of bills, SHOT at and even more niggas asking me for shit cause “H can get it done…

Well, since I’m so fucking SUPERFICIAL! FUCK YA’LL! I am done!

I always did what I do because I wanted to do it…

When the BITCH MONSTER pissed in my car, sure I could have cleaned it up, but I wanted a new one so I got it!

When I feel like going off to NYC for a couple of months to get away from this shit… I do it!

When I say ok, I’m bored with sitting on my ass doing shit with music and want to explore what else is out there… I do it!

And I guess that’s the difference between me and most other people, “I do what I want and you do what you can...”

Now not to long ago I was backsliding into the “do what I can” category. Which was something I accepted because I took it on myself to “do what I could” for one person… And they “did what they wanted” with me… They ultimate role reversal and I got shitted on and left for a lot less in the long run…

But I think about it and see I got a lot more out of it because for real… I’m too fly  for that shit and didn’t see past the bigger picture for me because I was not being SUPERFICIAL…

So now I’m thinking being SUPERFICIAL has some benefits then???

We’re all a bit SUPERFICIAL if you think about it…

What woman doesn’t want to marry a “good provider?”


Who isn’t attracted to someone by looks before personality?

McDonald’s or The Ivy?

Kia or Mercedes???

COME THE FUCK ON PEOPLE! You see where I’m going with this?

I grew up in a household that listened to Run DMC and Too Short! They told me I had to have the FLYEST GEAR, CHICKS, HOUSES AND CARS… So excuse me if I’m a product of my environment!

And further more… Get off my DICK about what I do, how I live and focus on yourself! Because from the looks of it, the recession ain’t been treatin’ some of ya’ll too good. You’re a little light (or in some cases round) about the waist-band and look like you need some work on ya’ll grills!

So by now I’m thinking some of you are like, “daam H is ARROGANT and SUPERFICIAL…”

Well maybe I am, but it feels daam good to have CONFIDENCE and know that I’ve made a difference in more than one life besides my own… Shit I got receipts to prove it 🙂

Oh…There I go being SUPERFICIAL again… 😦

P.S. I’m not going to change because my family and friends who really know me and have excepted me, know that I’m not a saint, but I still “do what I can” when doing “what I want” isn’t the best look and KJ knows that too. 😉

FYI: I’m not SUPERficial I’m SUPER-OFFICIAL! Much LOVE to all ya’ll!


Punishing the Prideful: Punishment in Hell for the Deadly Sin of Pride is to be Broken on the Wheel


– H Diddy Blogger… OUT


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