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Bacom sometimes can make our hearts hurt, if you don’t render off the FAT… So as in LIFE… Render off the FAT and LIFE will be a whole lot tastier… Now I want some bacom and Life cereal… So-So hungry… 🙂

I’m ghost just being kinda random cause I said something witty to my lil sis… 😉


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Most of you that know me know that I have passionate relationship with BACOM (Bacon… Bacom is a clever little nickname my friend gave it).

Well me and BACOM have been buddies for maybe 4 years and rekindled or relationship after a 12 year layoff. It’s been great enjoying everything she has to offer. from her tantalizing taste to her lovable look when she’s on top of your burger or how she compliments your pancakes so well…



BUT I haven’t been intimate with BACOM in a little over a month now.


Well… Like all awesome things we have in our lives, we need a break from them sometimes to really appreciate them for how they make our lives better. It’s the same with people as with BACOM…

I miss BACOM a lot, but O.D.ing on it can put me at risk for heart disease, kidney failure, hyper obesity, erectile disfunction, diabetes and many more things of that nature. 😦

I don’t want to hate BACOM at the end of the day. It’s been so good to me, even though it’s not good for me, so when I get back on the BACOM wagon, I want it to be special. When will that be?

I don’t know… I’m willing to wait for BACOM if she’ll still have me later… Shit we split up for 12 years and she forgave me for my sin… Now it’s a matter of time before we’re back in BACOM HEAVEN. 🙂



…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…



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So with the coming of the new year I’ve developed a new attitude and a new plan to LIVE FOREVER!

I figure if I can perserve my boyish good looks and make my body healthier; and let’s say in 15-20 years science will give me the capability to LIVE FOREVER!

So how do it do this? Im already on a fast paced weight lose plan, but the energy to make my body run has to be PURE and from MOMMA NATURE.

So I’ve decided to alter my molecular structure ( you know like when you drink a lot of diet soda it changes your DNA) well I’m gonna do that, but with healthy stuff.



I’ve never been one to eat a lot of red meat as it is, but to cut it out would make me feel a lot better and will make my metabolism run a whole lot smoother. I might start rocking leather to make up for my bovine neglect. Sorry Ms. Sirloin, we need some time apart so I won’t fall apart and I can LIVE FOREVER!



I’ve cut back on this as well, but want to see if I can do without or have it in moderation. Sugar is like CRACK! literally! LOOK AT THAT SHIT! I’m not too big on sodas and I don’t drink alcohol (well at least until Feb. 7, 2009… Might cut it out entirely if I’m up to it by then). I don’t like SPLENDA… It tastes funny and makes your pee smell funny. I think the monster that peed in my old car was a SPLENDA ADDICT 😦 . But real talk SUGAR is going to be an H-Diddy no-no for a bit. I love you my sugar pie honey bun drenched in chocolate sauce and syrup, but I got to keep it moving if I want to LIVE FOREVER!



I ain’t gonna stop eating this at all… As a matter of fact I was thinking of eating more of it because I heard the BACON GREASE gives you a nice shiny complexion, but I don’t want to have a shiny non-beating heart at the end of the day 😦  too. I’m gonna just fall back and eat less BACON, I guess, like all bitches that give it to you right, there’s always something there that’s gonna kill you… I don’t think BACON is gonna try and chop off my wang, but if I keep eating her, she might make my wang unusable 😦 and I don’t want that at all if I’m trying to LIVE FOREVER!



I got scared into not messing with these anymore (Thanks K)… 😦 and that lady in the elevator at work that told me, “High blood pressure is the silent killer!” made me think. I used to drink 1-2 16oz NO CARB ROCKSTARS with the extra extra jack of caffeine in them on a daily just to stay awake. Now since I’ve tapered off of this JET FUEL, I’m feeling so much better. I might grab a Red Bull here or there for some wings to do things, but I’m going to slowly stop doing that too so I can LIVE FOREVER!



It’s sad that I can cook and only do it like maybe 3-4x a month now… Sooo.. I’ve decided NO more DEVIL WINGS with Shaun, NO more KABOB with Ali, No more RIBS, FRIED CHICKEN & PIE with my sister. NO MORE EATIN’ out unless I’m taking someone special out to eat. Even then I’ma limit my intake so I can LIVE FOREVER!



I’m what you would have called a social smoker. If someone passed me a cig I’d smoke it. Knowingly smoking was bad cause I know it can kill you. I was kinda on the whole smoking thing for a few weeks in the Fall because it did make me feel less stressed, but I decided to stop before it became a habit… Liquor well me and Lois Lame had a bet and we’re both sticking to it to 02-07-2009, but I think I’m gonna just not drink anymore after that… Maybe, I love me some Ciroc Obama though, but I do want to LIVE FOREVER!



If you didn’t know by now, I’ve limited the people around me to a select few who are worthy of my present 😉 I kid… I kid… I really just trimmed the “fat” away recently and decided that some people were either:

1) too depressing to be around.

2) just lame…

3) terrible people.

People who bring you down take years off your life. Now I’m trying to keep a positive attitude and positive people around me. Looking at the people who left my life and the people who are in it now, you can see a drastic difference. In the last month or so I can actually say I’m HAPPY!


Shaun (He’s awesome!) noticed it the other day and said he hasn’t seen me so happy ever. And you know what… I am H-A double-P-Y HAPPY! :-). I ain’t gonna announce it to the world on my facebook status or tell everyone on Twitter… BUT! I’ma say it now and definitively only because I owe it to MYSELF.  So YES… some voids have been filled in my life and I’m admittedly at one with myself for once. I guess you can say I found my “Secret” to happiness and that’s one of the keys that will help me in my quest to LIVE FOREVER!


So now that I’ve gotten rid of the shitty food and I’ve gotten to get rid of the shitty people in my LIFE, LIVING FOREVER is just a hop, skip and a jump away from reality, if I don’t get hit by a car before science makes it a so 😦 .

I’m confident that won’t happen anytime soon… 😉

H Diddy Blogger… Out

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D/L: ===> Tyga – Live Forever

LISTEN: ===> Tyga – Live Forever

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02. Most people think I’m the NICEST GUY they know, I think NICENESS is overrated. Like they say, “Nice guys finish last.” I’m gonna just be me and ya’ll gonna have to love me! If I’m nice it’s because I like you 😉

03. As of about mid-2008 I keep only “CUTE” (meaning good looks and personality) people around me… I learned my lesson… Let the “UNSIGHTLY” (meaning ugly and zero personality) go! They (The UNSIGHTLIES) will piss in your car and make up stories about you to make themselves look “CUTE.” Which isn’t “CUTE” at all 😦
04. My favorite color is GREEN like the money and nature.
05. I’m left handed, but only have one lefty in my life I actually like.
06. I’m secretly in love with BACON.
07. I so agree with Shaun; YES! WHITE GIRLS ARE THE FUTURE!
08. I bite my nails… (I KNOW DISGUSTING, RIGHT???)
09. I wrote a book & I write a blog!
10. I didn’t vote for OBAMA, but I’m happy my president is BLACK! About time I can say we got an H.N.I.C. (Head Nigger In Charge) and not have to reference Prodigy from Mobb Deep or a 70’s blacksploitation movie.
11. I used to drive a Hybrid SUV, but seeing how “soccer mom” it was and how lame going green is when we’re all going to hell anyway was… I switched up and now I am getting rid of it for a V8 or V12 coupe for the spring time.
12. I love my mom, dad and sister a lot more then I love myself.
13. My close friends are like family to me and I carry them like that and do what I do for them like I do it for my family.
14. I’m so cool I got African niggas painting pictures of me because of it!
15. I have a crush on PARIS HILTON for all the right reasons!
16. Teresa, Ali & Shaun know what I’d do for $5 million… And to be honest most of you would do it too! STOP LYING TO YOURSELVES!!!
17. I got a white brother named KENNY!
18. Nickelus F is the GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE! NO FUCK THAT GREATEST ARTIST ALIVE! He’s the smartest and most determined person I know now too. I ❤ NICKELUS F (NO HOMO)
20. I run with rappers, actors singers and producers… Yet I consider myself more famous then all of them… Well, except Drake that Degrassi & Lil Wayne affiiliation is a super good look… I ❤ D-R-A-K-E…. (NO HOMO).
21. I think Akon & T-Pain are the future of pop music.
23. 4 TV’s in the headrests is the minimum (SHOUT OUT TO MA$E)
24. My favorite songs are Jay-Z’s “Lucky Me” & an unreleased Talib Kweli/Mary J. Blige called “Love”… Why? It’s pretty deep, I might have to blog about it…
25. I’m a little bit… Just a little bit in love with you 😉

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So I wrote a whole blog about 2009 and I felt it wasn’t as sincere as it could be because when I force myself to write something it never sounds like me so I decided to take step back and think about some of my favorite “words of wisdom” from none other then Beanie Sigel


“Damn, i feel it in the air, you not sincere/ Nigga it ain’t an us, or we, or I’ma thing/ It’s a good/bad karma thing/ This the code man an honor thing/ I swear i feel somethin’ honestly-Beanie Sigel

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Cause Sigel hit it on the head. “IT’S A GOOD/BAD MARMA THING.” I’m a strong believer in Karma and feel that a lot of the things that have gone on in my life up to a certain point were do to BAD KARMA. God has a way of playing chess with me and I’ve noticed. He’ll let me get off and snatch a few of his pawns, but his knight ends up busting my ass down till he checks me with his Bishop.

Last year I flipped it around on em and took it upon myself to changed my path for the better and it’s been a blessing so let’s hope in 2009 I get to CHECK the man upstairs to show him I’m worthy of all the new blessings he bestowed on me.


So… What am I feeling in 2009?

I don’t feel it’s going to be a big year where my “team”  wins or a year of growth ( all so CLICHE), but it’s more of a year of CHANGE.

CHANGE in ideas, movements, paths and most of all feelings…


I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster that’s weighed heavy on my mind and soul for a whole year.

It more or less started with a question of what I did or didn’t do that turned into a question of what haven’t I done yet??? And last year my inspiration was anger/pain and as weird as this sounds, it made me do better for myself…

In ’09 though NO MORE boundaries or fears. NO MORE ‘if’, ‘ands’ or ‘maybes.’ NO MORE bitterness… And this is a big one, NO MORE DOUBTS.

It’s all DESTINY  and since I see clearly now I’ve been blessed by a few people who I have to mention who are making this trip one to remember:

DISCLAIMER: These are in no particular order. So don’t get on me because you ain’t #1 even though #1 is supposed to be #1 😉


#1 K… I stumbled upon someone who is EXACTLY LIKE ME. 🙂 Not like how T.P. (Ace) is like me (you know silly and shit), but like how I am a little deeper down and it all started from some random knowledge of music we both shared that opened up a window of very stimulating conversation, which kind of inspired me to flip what I was going to write for 2009 into what I’m spilling now. It’s DESTINY. We’re both from QUEENS & love NINA SKY… AMAZING…. But for real it’s like K said, “sometimes people are meant to come together randomly.” And that’s what makes her so COOOOL… There’s no walls… It’s like we can almost finish each others sentence, but not really. It’s like when we find out one more thing we have in common it sheds a little more of those  insecurities between us off… It’s so odd how it works out, but it does… And when I thought about stuff we talked about in such a short time, it was very eye opening because I didn’t hold back much and I felt comfortable doing it. Only thing I can say is, “Get outta my head!”  So yeah, K… You are definitely special because you’re so much like me and that’s like a blessing in itself ; -) MOOD MUSIC: Nina Sky ft. Rick Ross – Curtain Call


#2 LOIS LAME… Probably the most sincere person I know and arguably someone who kind of gets me, but still doesn’t… Fun loving, free, has a love for bacon that I am in LOVE with and just a plain ol’ beautiful person. LOIS LAME was a blessing for me when I almost hit the bottom in ’08 and is still ridin’ with me. I know that in 2009 she’s going to be a problem because… Well I’m so gonna make sure she is! She’s like my pot of gold under the rainbow and a breath of fresh minty air in the winter. She’s the ultimate icing on any cupcake or brownie. She’s like the blue cheese that goes with my hot wings. Talking about her now is making me hungry… But seriously,  Lois is great and for someone who is so far away, she makes it seem like she’s right here with me every time we talk. FYI LL… If our bet ends up to be a draw, it won’t matter because you won overall for just making it to end and I’m PROUD of you for it. I on the other hand am just inflicting torture on myself…  Blog about that one. 😉 MOOD MUSIC: Britney Spears – Oops… I Did It Again


#3 KIMBERLEY… My #1 blog reader! Plus, the first person to actually confront me about what I’ve posted and called me out and said I was pretty much a RACIST… Well you were right in questioning me on that, but we squared it away and she knows I’m not a racist. Kimberley to me represents that wide-eyed inquisitive person I should have been at that early 20’s stretch of my life. She feels me on a lot issues, but also has the quiet innocents that is so refreshing because like all people in their early 20’s, THEY DON’T HAVE A FUCKING CLUE WHAT THE FUCK IS COMING. She’s a fan of F and was married to me through Hip Hop on facebook… Got to love that! Like the many people I try to influence she will be one of the great ones. She might fuck around and out do me one day… But it’s not bloody likely 😉  MOOD MUSIC: Aaliyah ft. Skillz & Danja Mowf – Are You That Somebody (Remix)


#4 F (NICKELUS F)… One of, if not the SMARTEST person I know. Like me he chose a path in life that only DESTINY can determine and DESTINY is a funny style bitch sometimes. Let’s you see her naked, but don’t let you smash… Now that F is grown… I think he’s ready to blow DESTINY’S back out in 2009. Watch… I’ve never questioned his determination or talent, but more so his dedication to this MUSIC… But lately, I’ve noticed that he is now more dedicated then ever to make something happen and I’m riding with em till the end… MOOD MUSIC: Nickelus F & Portishead – Roads


#5 DRAKE… One word DETERMINED. I liken my attitude to the kid a lot because he is exactly like me at his age. Ambitious, motivated, talented and blessed with opportunity. The difference between us is… I squandered away my opportunities, but now have my a second chance to make up for lost time. I remember before the Lil Wayne duets and deal with Interscope just talking to this 19 year old kid who had dreams of grandeur like no other person I knew. He wasn’t afraid to stunt just like me. He only lacked confidence in his music, which I can say I helped nurture with some of my “words of wisdom.” Seeing the way he moved kinda threw me off at times, but I see now that his heart is in the right place and he’s going to be bigger then what anyone expected in this game… 2009 it’s going to be serious DRIZZY! MOOD MUSIC: Lykke Li ft. Drake – Little Bit (Remix)


#6 ALI… Someone I mentored back at Penn State… Someone who I’ve seen grow from a shy nerd, to a businessman and ladies-man within a 2 year stretch. What I admire about Ali is that he listens and isn’t afraid of taking risks with what I call “found money.” Out of all the people I’ve encountered in my life this Persian fucker is the only one who has humbled me because he has no problem pulling my card. I always appreciated that and for real he’s more like family then friend and I’ll always have homie’s back. MOOD MUSIC: Swizz Beatz – That Oprah


#7 GOD… I’m so spiritually ONE’D right now that it’s like I’m a born again Christian or got saved or something, but I’m no religious fanatic or one who seeks answers from GOD. I just know my relationship with him is strong and even though I haven’t exactly found my path just yet; God is walking with me. He got to be cause I’d be dead by now with all the shit i’ve I’ve been living though. 😉 MOOD MUSIC: Jay-Z – Lucky Me

I picked these people to write about because they represent everything I have inside me so well and I feel in 2009 they’re all going to excel past expectations… Whether it be in their career, their studies, their relationships, their business or their music… I see them as key people now in my growth from this point on.

So it’s like I’m adding them to my list after dropping one big person off it.

To everyone I didn’t mention, you know that I love y’all in no particular order (MOMMY, DADDY, SISTER, KENNY, SHAUN, TERESA, ARCHNA, LANCE, KARI, JERRY, JENY, JANICE, RELL, JARED AND WHOEVER I FORGOT, YOU ALREADY KNOW I GOT YOU!) I’ve known ya’ll too long not to give you props.


Then there’s KOFI… That’s a whole other blog. COMING SOON… 🙂

So 2009… It’s a new year, we got a real nigga in office running the U.S. and I’m still alive. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!


Beans hit it on the head with that song…

“I can feel it in the air…”

Listen to the song again and pay attention to the video to get the point… He’s talking about getting busted down for criminal conspiracy, but it’s all relative to other things in life that we go though.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s like sometimes we have no control over situations and people who we choose to trust… We become victims of our own naivety and can fall from it, but our intuition tells us that we can let the voice in our heads take control and let us pursue what we’re DESTINED for and who we’re DESTINED to travel that road with.

Beans heard the voice and I guess it felt like it was his time to go down…

I’ve been there and I’ve done my time….  Now it’s a new year and I have another 365 days to discover where it all falls again…


H Diddy Blogger… OUT

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