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Apache-India-RockI was diggin’ in the creates today since I have so much free time now… And I was going through my reggae wax and found this jawn Apache Indian “Arranged Marriage.” I totally forgot about this record and hardly ever listened to it or played it when I did spin on radio or at the parties. I did remember though this guy having a video for a record called “Make Way For The Indian” which I didn’t really pay much attention to back 1992 or 1993 when I first head it (It got run on BET’s Rap City).

Any hoots, I turned the tables on this “Arranged Marriage” record and it’s crazy! I’ll admit, I’m fascinated with the Indian culture (all aspects of it), but not many Indians have crossed-over into the “urban culture,” whether it be Hip-Hop, R&B or Reggae. Apache Indian did it flawlessly and had a few smashes while he did it!

Apache Indian created a a hybrid style of music called “Bhangramuffin” which is basically Bhangra Indian music/Reggae Dance Hall. He was born in the UK and most of his music is sung in Patois (like most reggae music) and if he didn’t have videos out, you’d think it was Buju Banton or Beenie Man or something… He was that official with his deliver.

Anyways… This joint is kinda tough and I love discovering dusty gems 🙂 enjoy!

D/L: ===> Apache Indian – Arranged Marriage

Vodpod videos no longer available.

D/L: ===> Apache Indian – Arranged Marriage

Apache Indian - Side A

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