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I’ve decided to title my book, Focus On Women And You Get Less Done… because it’s true… I got a lot I want to get done before I settle down and focusing on a chick doesn’t get any man too far. Hitler, Hercules, etc… Only exception I see is Hugh Hefner, but he makes money off these bitches, so I guess he got to focus on em…


I’ve taken 3 excerpts from my book that I’ve edited down to give ya’ll as a preview. I’m giving a pretty open and frank view in this book to give some closure to a chapter in my life that I am very hurt over. Why? Because when it was going on it had me confused to where I wanted to be in life. I changed, but lost my focus on the path I was set for.


So yeah walk with me through some snippets… Spring 2009 the book hits a store near you!


Excerpt #1: The Overview…


This is an open letter to all my dudes out there who are in those relationships that you can’t seem to figure out.


I’m a strong believer in the “power of love,” but when you love things like money, land, cars (yes the Bentley GT Continental is worth more than a bitch to me right now) and slaves (shit who doesn’t want slaves?), where is there time for a women when you have goals and ambitions that you want to achieve?


A little less then a year ago I was about to say fuck it and go all in for a chick because I was what they call “happy” with my situation… Yeah it was kind of sweet to have someone, but I didn’t have all that shit I wanted listed above just yet. It was in reach, but I had to make a decision to where I wanted to go… I went towards the dark side… Got my chips in order and was ready to go in.


Long story short; thank goodness for fate and where it leads people… I came back and was in, but she was out because it wasn’t right… She wanted to trap a dude and I was only willing to settle down because of her… Oh! And then there was the culture clash and the lies she perpetrated that I hated for so-so long…


All this shit amounted to chaos, disorder and eventually the end of an 8 year friendship and a 2 year relationship. I say oh well (now)… I can’t cry over spilt milk (even though we both did) and at the end of the day, we’ll still have that common bond that made us come together in the first place. So I’m good with knowing that even though it seems we hate each other because of the bullshit, we both know we still got each other if we ever need it (which now will probably be a long ways off).


That experience in my life made me biter to say the least, but what can I do? Move on? Sure… But I got a lot of shit I want to do first…


Excerpt #2: Women…


They say, “the woman that is with you on your rise to the top is the one that loves you the most….”


That’s bullshit! Relationships are gambles and most of all an investment. A “modern” woman doesn’t need a man to be complete or to hold her down.


A “needy” woman nowadays seeks the comfortable life and the support of a man and will settle for the least in personality, class and looks to get it in most cases. If you’re content with being a baby machine and pin cushion for a lame dude for the rest of your days then howdy-do needy woman welcome to the LIFE!



Excerpt#3: ME!


Myself… If I ever get back into the game I want a bad bitch…One that’s upfront about her needs and never lies. Don’t tell me it’s not about the money when I’m buying you everything… Love me for me, not what you think I’m going to do for you if we ever get married. The time people spend together is precious and should be cherished because at the end of the day, you are stuck with that one person. If they don’t come through on all the promises they spilled to you before you say, “I do,” then you’re fucked!



There are some shorts from the book. As scattered as that stuff seems, it’ll make sense when you read it in detail when the book comes out. It’s pretty deep and I’m so going to write a screenplay off of it if the book does well.

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