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Momma's collection of little Buddhas 🙂

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment…” ~Buddha (via Ludacris On The Twit)

A lost friend of mine turned me on to the ways of the Buddha, but it’s sad that she doesn’t really follow the philosophy of Buddhism because I feel she hasn’t still found inner peace yet… She’s a bit odd to say the least, but it’s bearable because I’ve come to find out that’s just the way it is with some people and I love and accept everyone for who they are and not what they are or have become.  I wholeheartedly know that she’s still and forever will be one of the good ones. 🙂

So… Buddha has a point here I stopped dwelling on the past to look forward to a brighter future, but the new faces I wanted to be in that bright future bounced and now I’m left with my present…

My Present ===> The great supporting cast that I actually look to for genuine love and support. The people who know me for real.

I’ll run it down like this because you all are people I feel are gonna last forever and I’m so fortunate to be around such blessed people. And recently I’ve come to the conclusion that some people will always be looking in at the world while the rest of us get what we actually want out of it.

The intriguing thing about me is that I’m just honest about how I feel and I’m so philosophical… I question culture, values/ideals and existence. Things that people say should just be left alone, but I choose to ponder over because if someone didn’t we’d still be living in caves and hunting and gathering.

My advice for those of us who feel the time is now is to embrace how you really feel and it will set you freer than you’ve ever felt before.  What’s the point of secrets and lies when the truth ultimately sets you free?


One of my supporting cast... My real peoples... Nu :-)

One of my supporting cast... My real peoples... Nu 🙂

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D/L: ===> Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek – The Time Is Now

D/L: ===> Nickelus F – The Time Is Now Freestyle (POSTING THIS FOR THE F OF IT) Peace to Mr. X @ Xclusives Zone

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