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e_skummy1I get a little down around this time of the year when I think about Skum. I knew him for a little over a year before he passed, but we bonded so fast.. . And when I mesh with people that well so quickly there’s always some “conflict” (ask The Muse about it).

So yeah Skum you can say was sort of like me… I remember taking Skum to Puerto Rico in March 2005 with my little brother Christian. This was the trip from HELL! ahhahaha…

1st I get a $300 speeding ticket that will eventually get me arrested and locked up 2 years later (that’s another story), but with Skum along for the trip it was on from the jump. We hopped on the plane and from take off to landing he was pretty much arguing with me about music. That was Skum. He was a bullheaded young nigga and loud as fuck. He argued with me even though he didn’t know why sometimes and I could never win (kinda reminds me of someone I’ve met recently).

Skum was a unique individual and one thing I regret in life was having a falling out with him over stupid shit. It was always stupid shit between us and when it came down to it, we lost touch before he died.

We was still cool though and what got me the most was that the night he died he called me, maybe a few hours before it happened, to tell me that he’d accomplished something he’d set out to do and I doubted him on. Of course he was calling to rub it in, but that was Skum for you. 🙂 He was like that!

I missed his call and typical me at the time, I didn’t call back…

e_skummy3When I found out what happened it crushed me cause none of us saw it coming or knew why someone would do something like this to Skum. He was a stand up dude. Always kept it real and lived by the code of the streets that he came from. A New York nigga just like me, but repped where he stayed which was Richmond.

It took me almost a week to realize what had happened and I ended up breaking down and crying it out… It was the first time I ever shed a tear for anyone and since then I’ve been pretty open with my emotions for people.  Skum passing the way he did made me appreciate the great people in my life more and gave me more insight to how precious time is with people.

As time passes I’ll never forget how Skum has changed me and everyone around him. I remember his funeral in Brooklyn where I think almost 100 people from Richmond to New York showed up. It was all love. Everyone there had nothing but love for Esan that day.

e_skummy2I had to do a mini-eulogy off the top of my head because his mother requested I do so. It was hard, but me being the natural public speaker that I am, I pulled it off and lightened up the room on a sad day. I talked about his music and the way we meshed as friends and business partners.

I paused myself for a moment and said, fuck it I’ll just say what I feel and what I know he’d say at my funeral… I stopped and said, “Skum could be an ASSHOLE sometimes, but that’s what made him great. He spoke from the heart.”

The response to that was mixed, but I know that he knows where that came from and it was all love. I couldn’t let my opinion rest even on a sad day, which is, I guess, something that I’ll never get over, but in Skummy’s case, it was something I knew he’d appreciate because we knew what it was between us. He was like a brother to me cause he knew how to check a nigga. And that’s what I always need… Someone to check me.

Today marks 4 years since his passing and I know he’s looking over Nick (Nickelus F) JR, Lil Lee, 5Mics, Radio B & myself from HEAVEN with a smile because his dream was this  music and we promised ourselves we’d do this for him because he was the STAR of this group… He was the life blood and heart of this crew and he was the LIGHT…

So we strive to be STARS now… Like Skum wanted… I know I got it and I owe to Skum for making me see it.



07.05.1983  – 07.09.2005


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