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Disclaimer: I reference God a few times in this to articulate my point on what a leader should be. I’m not particular keen on pushing my personal ideals out in my writing unless what I’m writing is tuned into that topic. This is a little different though… So I don’t give a fuck if you believe in God, Spaghetti Monsters, Nothing, Something or if you’re a Mormon… This is me speaking to you about how I feel about leading and leadership roles.

Enjoy. 🙂


I was proposed with the challenge to write a blog about being a leader and/or leading people…. And it had me caught up in a serious dilemma. I had to ask myself, “Can I be a true leader?”

And after a week of reflection, research and conversation… I came to the conclusion that there’s no such thing as a true leader in this world we live in. We can only take on “leadership roles” to give people the proper “guidance” in their existence. Whether it’s work, school, life…. We look to people in leadership roles to guide us to another level and hopefully pass on what they know and expand on it in an innovative and productive manner.

When I think of what a true leader is the concept of a “king” is the thing I put the most weight on. I always felt if I were at that level I would want people to feel a certain sense of full “adoration” towards me, but let’s be realistic…. There’s only one King who deserves that type of respect and that’s “God.” Can a mortal man ever fill those shoes?

Maybe, but not really…God’s power isn’t something we can even begin to imagine and after all, he created all this so we should adhere to that notion no matter what. The fact of the matter is, God is a hard guy to get along with even though he wants us to get along with him. He gives us the options to do what we want and people in roles of leadership provide us with the guidance to make sure we do what we think he wants us to. Hence why I say leadership roles are so crucial in our existence.

Now back to myself… What am I becoming when it comes to these “roles of leadership?”

UUUghhhhh… I hate labeling myself, but for sake of conversation, I would consider myself a Thought Leader in the works…. I’m someone who can lay out a concept, get people to listen and maybe even follow, but I don’t want to change one’s worldly view unless they want it and if whatever I have to offer works for them. Basically live your life the way you see fit, if what I say makes sense, then go with it and see if it works for you. My big problem is articulating my thoughts into real time examples and actions in a way that everyone can understand. I also tend to be a bit overstated in my words and lacking in my actions. I’ve just recently learned how to not just talk about it, but be about it. As cliche as that sounds, it’s necessary in any leadership role.

And not to get all preachy or push my faith out there, but my relationship with God has a lot to do with how I’m starting to articulate my thoughts to the world. Like I said, there’s basically only one “king” and that’s God. To be picked to reflect on people what he wants them to learn is a blessing and a task I’m more or less prepared to take on. It’s actually something I find to be easier than you’d think. I’m driven with a passion for people and knowledge. I take in experiences like a dry “sponge” 😉 to water and live my life by the lessons I’ve learned from them. God gave all of us this power, but some of us are admittedly not prepared to use it or are to weak to ever acknowledge that they even have it.

But God does use circumstance to speak to all of us and give us the seeds to take on leadership roles. He gives us useful guides (books, science, people, faith, etc…) in our journey through life. But we will often be led astray if that is our only means of determining God’s directions. It’s our nature as humans to fall into a state of disillusion because of what we perceive to be true…. It’s very rare that we find individuals with the courage to question what we think God has to offer us because so many people settle for what’s in front of them as how it will be and that’s that.

People that inspire change…. Innovators, inventors, people of vision and hope…. They aspire to change or even discredit old ways of belief/thinking to make things new… The Thought Leaders.

So you want to be a Thought Leader, but don’t believe in God? No big deal…

From the perspective of an Atheist let’s say your “God” is someone like Steve Jobs. The epitome of what a Thought Leader is suppose to be. Someone who can take on old ways of thinking, question it and innovate/change it into something new. He motivated people to think outside the box, he worked hands on in creation and people had so much adoration for this man that his death was something the world mourned… And all he created was a computer… An iPod… An iPhone… An iPad… Kinda makes you think about things doesn’t it?

The closest thing to a God we have in our society is a guy who makes gadgets. Are we so jaded and let down by the people we have in leadership roles that we turn to a man who didn’t actually help the world as a whole, but just changed the way we consume the world’s vast sea of information?

I’d say yes and he’s the fucking man for it too! Jobs shows us that times are changing and our values are as well. My generation is filled with people that reject the old way of thinking that old men has instilled in us for centuries… From kids protesting in Iran to this “Occupy Everything” movement… Those who choose to speak up might fill these leadership roles that have become so stale…

Now since I did bring up faith and God we need to know what were Steve Jobs’ personal beliefs? Did he look to God or even believe in God?

Jobs believed in Buddhist ideals and was arguably an Atheist, but I know a lot of religious/faithful types that still use his products, but won’t eat Kosher or Halal based off the preparer’s ideology… The change he brought onto the world transcended his personal beliefs and people took what he had to offer in without question. Him doing this shows us that we’re beginning to grow past things like racism and religious & social casts. He made us open to a universal change by throwing an “I” in front of some shit and making it cool to use and have. AMAZING….

I strive to be more of a Thought Leader, but still hope that my faith in God keeps me level so I don’t aspire to be a “king.” I don’t want that nor do I want people to follow me like that… I think Jobs felt the same way, but he gained peoples adoration because he inspired them so much… To a level that they believed so strongly in what change he had to offer. And even though he just did it through technology, it was something we needed because it united all of us as a society to think outside of the box just a little bit.

I think bigger than that though and as I grow in my love of God and my knowledge of people, I see the world differently. I don’t reject old ways of thinking, I want to refine them and rewrite what some of us perceive to be true… I want to enlighten and give people the keys to find knowledge within themselves to do big things… Shit… For real though… Someone has to…


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No Changes Please“Dont try to change people. Make a realistic decision about where they fit in your life based on who they are not who u want them to be…”

Sometimes I think too much about how I want things to shape up for me when it comes to people that I lose sight of how they feel or their feels… It’s true and I’ve done it in relationships, friendship and whatever. I think it’s called being SELFISH and I’m guilty as charged. It doesn’t matter how nice, giving and understanding I am, I always tend to try to make people close to me think the way I want them to…

Even though what I believe is the new age gospel and you’ll see it when I become President some day. 😉 But I can’t (shouldn’t) force my ideology on everyone. It’s not fair and it’s not right. It’s one of my biggest and baddest flaws as a human. I’ve realized that as I’ve suffered an epic fail recently…

But all I can say is, “oh well” and cut my loses and just live. There’s one thing I do know and feel is evidently true and that is I’m no punk and I learn from my mistakes. And my real heads know that I’m just doing me and understand that. It’s weird how that works when I’m such a hard act to get along with, but people believe in me and stick by me. I guess it’s called faith and it’s something you must have in someone if you look to them for leadership and guidance.

real_talkThe Break Down:

Will I change myself? YES! I promise that.

Will I still stand for what I believe in? YES! I’ll never change.

Will I ever give up on my dreams? NO! That’s not in my agenda.

Why all this now? Well.. I just read one of the most  insightful quotes I’ve heard in a long time (via twitter)…

Thank you C.E... I don’t know if you came up with that yourself or if it’s someone elses, but it’s true and it hit me in the balls and made me think long and hard (NO SPLENDA) about the way I’ve treated people… <=== HOW REAL IS THAT?

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D/L: ===> Shadez Of Brooklyn – Change

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michaeljackson-744058So Bill O’Reilly reminds me of myself sometimes. He’ll argue a retarded point to justify is own twisted way of thinking.

I go in like that sometimes, but at least I can admit when I’m wrong… This guy… He just doesn’t stop.

Frankly, he’s right MJ was a little fucked up in the head, but over all he redeemed himself in the public eye and went on to live a semi-normal life after his drama with the media and courts. That shows strength and a will to change for the better.

O’Reilly totally downplayed that whole good part of MJ’s life… Great musician, humanitarian and a man who lived up to the music he made.

Michael Jackson was after all only HUMAN and all humans make mistakes and if we’re willing to change for the better like MJ tried to do by starting a family and being low key, than that’s a good things

Michael said it best, “Gotta make a change/ For once in my life/ It’s gonna feel real good/ Gonna make a difference/ Gonna make it right…” (Man In The Mirror)

Which he eventually did… He changed his own perception in the public eye and a lot of people actually forgave him for the things that a court of law said he never did, but we all figured he did just because he was “weird.”

Stuff like what O’Reilly said doesn’t make me mad or want to start a revolution. It just kind of shows how narrow minded and shallow human’s can be sometimes. I’m self-centered, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have compassion for others, especially friends and family. So I can relate to taking the piss like Michael did all the time. This is just another example of how people are in society that aren’t aware of their surroundings, but only aware of their own minuscule lives…

Word of advice to all of you… Yeah… we live in bubbles, but one day those bubbles will burst and those of you who aren’t prepared to see the other side… Be warned it’s real and I’m more prepared for it than ever.  Are you?

Also… Think for a second about how our lives would have been without Michael Jackson? We’d prolly look to R.Kelly to find insight into happiness and love through music… He’s made a lot of uplifting tunes and sold millions… ===>  AND THEY GOT THAT NIGGA ON TAPE PISSING ON A LITTLE GIRL. 😦

H Diddy Blogger… Out

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Suicide (Latin suicidium, from sui caedere, to kill oneself) is the act of terminating one’s own life. Many dictionaries also note the metaphorical sense of “willful destruction of one’s self-interest”. Suicide may occur for a number of reasons, including depression, shame, guilt, desperation, physical pain, pressure, anxiety, financial difficulties, or other undesirable situations. The World Health Organization noted that someone commits suicide every 39 seconds, making it one of the leading causes of death in the world.There are an estimated 10 to 20 million non-fatal attempted suicides every year.


Ask yourself that question.

To me… The literal term Suicide is never an option. It’s a cowards escape from reality… A loser’s release from their lame life… It’s the only thing I think I will never be able to do (I mean never… I think I’ll grow wings and be able to fly before I consider suicide.)

So why do people commit “suicide” then?

Well I have my own theory on it.

Look deep into yourself and pull from your soul for a second. Forget that you’re of physical form and just feel free.

Close your eyes… Wait a few seconds and just fall…

With darkness comes peace and when you “kill yourself” you’re at peace… You ONE yourself…

I LITERALLY “killed” “myself” a few months ago and it was liberating.

To separate your reality from your soul is pretty eye opening.

It makes you see things for what they are.

Whether it’s relationships, money, family or friends; facing issues head on and embracing what I call a “new beginning” is like killing yourself.


When the stupid motherfucker who blows his/her brains out every 30 seconds does it they’re thinking what I’m thinking…


bUT… What these foolish suicidal twits don’t get is…

No matter what situation you’re in… To be LIVING and BREATHING is the greatest gift we have. So whether you have money or you’re homeless or you’re cute or ugly, you always should be grateful for the fact that you have the GIFT OF LIFE.

I walk with that chip on my shoulder everyday and some people hate me for it.

I advise them to KILL THEMSELVES… Because we’re all different!

I never followed the adage, “To walk in another man’s shoes….” Blah Blah BLAH! BULLSHIT!

I got my own problems to worry about, why the fuck would I want to walk in your shoes?

Then there’s the, “Well he got some real nice shoes…” adage.


Well… I’m working on getting my own nice shoes and they’re like some A. Testoni jawns to walk over your grave with after you commit suicide motherfuckers!!!

I always say, “I feel no remorse or pity for weak willed people.”

This includes those who settle for less because of low self-esteem… Those who can’t comply with change and those who just don’t understand that there’s more to life then a  regimental design (ie “work, sleep, eat, work, eat, go to bed…”)

Open your eyes and realize that as long you you live and breath there’s always something to smile about and embrace what else is out there for you rather then settling for the NORMS…


I’m sure that the thought of OFFING YOURSELF has crossed your mind more than once and I urge you to do so if you don’t see that CHANGE is good and that LIFE can be good or even better with it.

I’m not preaching to y’all and saying you have to live a certain way… If you’re content with regimental life… Shit go ahead and live it!


Some people are meant for that life and can bear it till they die and no one remembers their name or face or why they even existed…

Sad thing is these people sometimes plant seeds that grow up with the values that held their elders minds back and sometimes these seeds see no way out, but SUICIDE…


I can go on for days, but I’m officially going to say… I’m an advocate for “KILLING YOURSELF” not SUICIDE , but “killing” “yourself” and literally letting go of what’s holding you back and cutting off a cancer that traps your mind to think the way you do.

I’m surely not getting at anyone specific here either, but if you can take what I’m writing to heart then there’s some meaning and truth behind these words I’ve spilled and maybe you will opt to KILL YOURSELF before it’s too late.

H Diddy Blogger… OUT

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