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h_diddy_blogger_logoOne year of unbelievable change for me and it can only get better from here. It’s truly been a hell of a run!  I’ve finally become in-tune with myself, we’ve built the right team to make this music thing work for “us” finally and I’m in a positive state of mind that’s been driven by getting to write in this blog.

Now my blog… It’s grown to be my baby and hub for me to basically vent out, rejoice and ponder over my life and what’s in it. So far there’s been four main elements that’s driven me to write:

rhparty1) My family, friends, Nickelus F & Drake – The people… Over the past year so much has gone on in my family; from my father falling ill, my sister about to have a baby, Nick having his babies and of course Drake becoming the biggest thing in Hip Hop. It’s all in here and every event has inspired me to write…

jealousy_monster2) My Past – Okay… It took me some time to realize that at the end of the day I was wrong for caring and sticking around with someone when the only thing good that came from it benefited the wrong person. They’ll have to deal with the Karma that comes with that for a life time and me… I’ll have to just live my life and not hate, but appreciate. A lot of my early posts revolved around a book and screenplay I cooked up that I care not to share anymore because it was from a part of me that was soooooooooooo fucking low and you can see it in me emotionally, physically and mentally at the time. Being able to write about it and knowing that the person it was about still reads it only makes me feel vindicated because I got it off my chest while they continue to live a lie.

K3) K (The Artist Formally Know As My Muse) – At the top of 2009 as I started to really coast and be content with my new found “vindication” I linked up with this charming, pretty and great person who was so much like me in too many ways it was scary. For real… There were moments where we’d be listening to the same song at the same time or we’d finish each others thought at the most random times and most of all (and what meant the most to me) we both kinda had a weird synced vibe that was sweet when it was good, but terrible when it all ended. Well… The Muse got me thinking and doing better things from the jump and it wasn’t all because of her inspiration, but more or less the fact that for once in my life there was someone who actually understood the way I move and moved with me. Since she’s left the scene I’ve been through a lot of moments of disparity because I never thought I’d lose that part of me ever and I still don’t’ know why… Either way most of my blogs from the Winter to the Summer reflect my ups and downs with my Muse. It’s weird to say I have had a Muse, but I really did and it made sense and kept me motivated and most of all positive as I moved on with my days.

WomanMusic4) Music & Women – Music is my heart and women are my weakness. If I didn’t have all this game and actually cared what these bitches thought of me, I’d have more respect in my writing for them, but I don’t… Shaun made a good point the other day and that is, “women are on a biological clock and we’re not… So we’ll always have the upper hand if there’s no emotion involved.” That’s so true. I’ve disregarded a few hearts and fucked with some minds in the past year, but there’s always the few chicks that captivated me and make me think otherwise too and those in some cases can be worth some of the trouble… I write about all this shit in here too…

So yeah that’s basically it one year in and over with many more years to come of great blogs. Here’s my personal top 10 blogs I’ve written so far. I hope you like them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. -H

aby11110. Coffee With Aby The “Intricate(d)” (April 18th, 2009)

Aby (Abornita) is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever encountered in my life. I’ve mentioned her in more than one blog and she’s part of the reason I started to take positive strides with my life late last year. She helped me get through a moment of non-clarity when I went up to Philly to get away for a weekend in the Spring time. We sat in a diner for almost 5 hours and got it all out. I left knowing a lot more than I wanted to know about shit I never wanted to understand and she left knowing I’d go back in and make the wrong choice, but still fucks with me even though I don’t always listen. Truly a great friend and an inspiration to me.


drake_patron09. They Finally Made It Official! D-R-A-K-E Is On Interscope Universal? (October 2nd, 2008)

I talk to this nigga in Oct. ’08 after he gets back from a leg of the tour with Lil Wayne and this nigga is all hype like he just won the lottery. Says he about to finish up signing a deal over at Interscope with Jimmy Iovine and them. I was like YES! Finally… Little did I know, but it was all a bunch of B to the S… Looks like too many people had their hands in that pot for it to pop off back then. I posted this in haste as his buzz started to grow and more material with Lil Wayne surfaced and the famed mixtape So Far Gone was being concocted. This blog got a crazy response and is still to this day my most popular post. We all know he is signed with his Young Money & his management’s label now, but this was the first big “rumor” I posted on the blog. If you read it you’ll notice I broke down the history that lead to the moment he supposedly was getting signing to Interscope. Looking back it’s kinda overwhelming now that this nigga is the biggest thing in Hip Hop. I always gonna be proud of the kid for doing it like he said he would. Now it’s our time.


rachel_roy208. Rachel Roy (April 14th, 2009)

I started writing blogs about the baddest women around this year cause it just made sense to appreciate the beauty and brains of some of the great women that surround us daily. This was my first and favorite one because Rachel Roy is just so bad! She loves Hip Hop, she’s a super model, she’s Indian and she is married to my symbolic mentor Dame Dash. Did I mention she does what she wants, while you other bitches do what you can… That’s so sexy and that’s so real. Rachel Roy is the baddest!


ciroc_obama07. A Weekend Of Ciroc Obama & Bloody Diarrhea (September 22nd, 2008)

What a weekend… This was one of those “I had the time of my life” weekends. Whippin’ around the Lexus truck with a car full of international beauties; that was capped off with me (and all men) being compared to “bloody diarrhea.” 🙂 Oh what a feeling! For real though I love my friends and this weekend was the time I connected with Julia, Niloufar and Slope Head 🙂 . We’re all great friends to this day and I’d do anything for these niggas. Even Slope Head… She gets mad love! Read this one and tell me if it wasn’t a fun time even if you weren’t there! ; -)


cool_kids_cant_die06. How I Plan To LIVE FOREVER! (January 24th, 2009)

I’ve written some crazy shit in my day, but this one kind of takes the cake for creativity alone. I have a notion in my head that life is only worth living if you take it all in stride. Balance the good with the bad, do what you believe in and never let people set you back from your ultimate means of survival. Oh and I was buggin’ out around this time because I had stopped drinking for a while and I needed some shit to write about while I was in my sober mind and body phase. This blog got some thumbs up for the pure logic in it alone. I also got the nod because it stated that I had cut off the negative people in my life as my main reason I’d LIVE FOREVER…


needle_pink105. AdDiCtIoN. (October 27th, 2008)

Addiction is a powerful thing… I broke down and admitted I was addicted to a lifestyle I couldn’t control or maintain that was bringing me down physically and emotionally. Shit motivated me to finally get on my shit and do right by my self for once. I sat back and renovated my thinking, my stance on life and met some real inspirational people who slowly became my good friends and fuel for me to do better. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to fixing it they say. It took me years to recognize I even had a problem and less than a year to fix it. I WILL NEVER RELAPSE BACK TO THE THAT LIFE…


teresa_akka04. Walk With Me As I Eat A Peach Through The Hood… (September 11th, 2008)

It’s hard to find someone as retarded as me to act the fool with whenever and that’s what Teresa (Ace) is. We’re the best of friends and I’m kind of glad I got her around to keep me leveled when I feel shit is not going so good. This blog was one of my first ones and is sort of funny story about a “walk to remember” that involved me, peaches and about 150 blocks of New York City streets… 🙂


eharm_form103. Match.com & eHarmony… Why I Hate Them! (November 13th, 2008)

One thing I’ll never get used to is shit like this. These websites that are designed to “set people up” with their ideal mate. It’s sad and sick to see this type of shit go on to me. It makes it even worse that it’s a trend that people in our culture seem to have accepted because most of these losers think there’s no time to meet someone special. I’m a big believe in letting things happen naturally or not at all. People get too caught up in the need to settle down nowadays from family, peers and society in general. And how does the powers that be accommodate people? By charging you a rate to find a mate! Nurp! Never me… The best women I’ve ever encountered have come to me naturally. I don’t think a website can ever replace actually getting to know someone personally and not off a data base… Knowing what you want going in takes away from finding out what you might really like from giving real people a chance. There’s a reason these people go to these website and in most cases it’s because they don’t have what it takes to connect with humans. This blog was a big FUCK YOU to these sites with a bit of understanding tied in to not make the people who use them feel so bad.


needy-jawn02. NEEDY CHICKS… (October 10th, 2009)

I ain’t mad at “needy chicks” anymore because the sad truth is most women (if not all of them) are NEEDY… They need attention, companionship, love, money, sex, food etc… It’s sad to say it, but us (MEN) made them this way. The most “independent” woman can put up shields, but be suffering inside because they need something… It’s sort of like that with all of us I guess, but women have it worse. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what makes women tick. For a good part of 2009 I thought I found a woman who ticked like me, but she sort of turned out to tick like the rest of them… I can’t front though, it doesn’t bother me anymore because there’s nothing that we can do, but accept everyone we care for with flaws and all one day. Maybe then “Needy Chicks” won’t be so prevalent and we can just build off each other and find a common need to work on like making the world a better place… Any hoots… NEEDY BITCHES… Can’t live with em… You can’t live without em…


where_is_the_love01. Where Is The LOVE? (September 03, 2008)

My first blog… No pictures… No mood music… No inspiration, but what was in my heart. I took a couple of days to put this one together because at the time I was still bitter and sad about shit that was going on in my life and then a sudden change occurred that made things seem brighter heading into the new year. Overall this is the best to me because after not looking at this for months I looked back and said, “this is it… this is what I really love… MUSIC.” Every time something goes right or wrong in my life music has been the constant and that’s really the heart and soul of my writing. As creative and open I am it’s all heartfelt because it comes from a place that my friends and family all seem to come from too. MUSIC… I hope if you made it this far down my list that you’d read this one because it really means the most to me.


bloggingThe Blogs I Wish Could Have Made The List, But Didn’t…

I have a string of personal blogs and thoughts that only one or a few people recognized or have had access to. I vent a lot in my writing and call out my future endeavors all the time. I’m just gonna list these blogs and you can peep them if you want. A couple are ones I wrote specifically with My Muse in mind and if she knows who our “girls” are (that’s the password) she can recap them if she still follows my blog.

Over all these are just ones I felt were posts where I was being too philosophical or just spilling my inner most thoughts way too much. I’m at the point where maybe Alex is right and I should chill and just not be so open because it may fuck with other interests and business. Well… Openness makes for great cinema and I think I’ll consider his advise, but we’ll see… 😉

Quote Of The Day… H Diddy Dollar (August 16th, 2009)


I Guess I Don’t Get It Yet… (June 28th, 2009)


The Fast Life… June 08, 2009)


Young Forever… (September 03, 2009)


I Met A Lefty I Like??? (January 12th, 2009) Private


Chasing After FOREVER… (March 13th, 2009) Private


SO there it is one year of blogging! I’m out!

And now back to my regularly scheduled programing


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D/L: ===> Tony! Toni! Tone! – Anniversary

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So with the coming of the new year I’ve developed a new attitude and a new plan to LIVE FOREVER!

I figure if I can perserve my boyish good looks and make my body healthier; and let’s say in 15-20 years science will give me the capability to LIVE FOREVER!

So how do it do this? Im already on a fast paced weight lose plan, but the energy to make my body run has to be PURE and from MOMMA NATURE.

So I’ve decided to alter my molecular structure ( you know like when you drink a lot of diet soda it changes your DNA) well I’m gonna do that, but with healthy stuff.



I’ve never been one to eat a lot of red meat as it is, but to cut it out would make me feel a lot better and will make my metabolism run a whole lot smoother. I might start rocking leather to make up for my bovine neglect. Sorry Ms. Sirloin, we need some time apart so I won’t fall apart and I can LIVE FOREVER!



I’ve cut back on this as well, but want to see if I can do without or have it in moderation. Sugar is like CRACK! literally! LOOK AT THAT SHIT! I’m not too big on sodas and I don’t drink alcohol (well at least until Feb. 7, 2009… Might cut it out entirely if I’m up to it by then). I don’t like SPLENDA… It tastes funny and makes your pee smell funny. I think the monster that peed in my old car was a SPLENDA ADDICT 😦 . But real talk SUGAR is going to be an H-Diddy no-no for a bit. I love you my sugar pie honey bun drenched in chocolate sauce and syrup, but I got to keep it moving if I want to LIVE FOREVER!



I ain’t gonna stop eating this at all… As a matter of fact I was thinking of eating more of it because I heard the BACON GREASE gives you a nice shiny complexion, but I don’t want to have a shiny non-beating heart at the end of the day 😦  too. I’m gonna just fall back and eat less BACON, I guess, like all bitches that give it to you right, there’s always something there that’s gonna kill you… I don’t think BACON is gonna try and chop off my wang, but if I keep eating her, she might make my wang unusable 😦 and I don’t want that at all if I’m trying to LIVE FOREVER!



I got scared into not messing with these anymore (Thanks K)… 😦 and that lady in the elevator at work that told me, “High blood pressure is the silent killer!” made me think. I used to drink 1-2 16oz NO CARB ROCKSTARS with the extra extra jack of caffeine in them on a daily just to stay awake. Now since I’ve tapered off of this JET FUEL, I’m feeling so much better. I might grab a Red Bull here or there for some wings to do things, but I’m going to slowly stop doing that too so I can LIVE FOREVER!



It’s sad that I can cook and only do it like maybe 3-4x a month now… Sooo.. I’ve decided NO more DEVIL WINGS with Shaun, NO more KABOB with Ali, No more RIBS, FRIED CHICKEN & PIE with my sister. NO MORE EATIN’ out unless I’m taking someone special out to eat. Even then I’ma limit my intake so I can LIVE FOREVER!



I’m what you would have called a social smoker. If someone passed me a cig I’d smoke it. Knowingly smoking was bad cause I know it can kill you. I was kinda on the whole smoking thing for a few weeks in the Fall because it did make me feel less stressed, but I decided to stop before it became a habit… Liquor well me and Lois Lame had a bet and we’re both sticking to it to 02-07-2009, but I think I’m gonna just not drink anymore after that… Maybe, I love me some Ciroc Obama though, but I do want to LIVE FOREVER!



If you didn’t know by now, I’ve limited the people around me to a select few who are worthy of my present 😉 I kid… I kid… I really just trimmed the “fat” away recently and decided that some people were either:

1) too depressing to be around.

2) just lame…

3) terrible people.

People who bring you down take years off your life. Now I’m trying to keep a positive attitude and positive people around me. Looking at the people who left my life and the people who are in it now, you can see a drastic difference. In the last month or so I can actually say I’m HAPPY!


Shaun (He’s awesome!) noticed it the other day and said he hasn’t seen me so happy ever. And you know what… I am H-A double-P-Y HAPPY! :-). I ain’t gonna announce it to the world on my facebook status or tell everyone on Twitter… BUT! I’ma say it now and definitively only because I owe it to MYSELF.  So YES… some voids have been filled in my life and I’m admittedly at one with myself for once. I guess you can say I found my “Secret” to happiness and that’s one of the keys that will help me in my quest to LIVE FOREVER!


So now that I’ve gotten rid of the shitty food and I’ve gotten to get rid of the shitty people in my LIFE, LIVING FOREVER is just a hop, skip and a jump away from reality, if I don’t get hit by a car before science makes it a so 😦 .

I’m confident that won’t happen anytime soon… 😉

H Diddy Blogger… Out

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D/L: ===> Tyga – Live Forever

LISTEN: ===> Tyga – Live Forever

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Before I go in I’d like to thank to 1000+ people who have visited my blog since I started it 2 weeks ago. I appreciate the love, even though 90% of you just visit to download whatever new music I post 😦 

Either way THANKS!!! And I promise to keep it up!


Weekend LOWLIGHTS:Lame friends with no cuff links! We ran out of Ciroc Obama! Porcupines on STEROIDS! Being compared to bloody diarrhea because I have a penis… 😦

So what happened???

Friday, I was being late as usual, but managed to get over to Ali’s spot with Ciroc Obama in hand and a nice  birthday gift for Niloufar too (I love birthdays, they’re AWESOME & so is NILOUFAR!!!)

So I come through feeling so ONE HUNDRED cause I just passed my letter of resignation through at “work,” it was payday and had this so wrong PRIDEFUL twinkle in my eye that made me feel myself more than I usually do, so my nuts felt EXTRA LARGE and I was ready to go!

Fast forward to the Ciroc Obama… Last time I campaigned with the C-bama the people had a CRAZY time, so I had to share C-bama’s promise of hope and change with Nilou and her friends. I knew I can count on their vote in this election because Grey Goose just wasn’t as smooth as Ciroc Obama and if Diddy is doin’ it how wrong can C-bama be???

It wasn’t wrong at all and everyone was sooooooooo right and minus the bomb threats on K-Street the night was a magical mix of clubbing, drinks and food that left us all tuckered out and ready for a round 2 on Saturday!

Saturday was even better cause Shaun was out! And when Shaun comes out the whole teams SWAG is turned up to 1 hundred thousand trillion zillion! For real? T.I. made a song about it.

So we hit up Ultra Bar and live it up even though one of our friends got abducted by a Porcupine on STEROIDS. I try not to make fun of people (lately…), but seriously…  I got to call a LAME a LAME when I see a LAME… This dude was LAME! Him and his “boys” was pouring cheap Vodka down each other’s throats from a spouted bottle and never did I once hear a “NO HOMO” or “I’m my brother’s keeper.” And if you ballin’ who needs a spout on they liqour??? You ain’t hear Drake when he said, “Bring this booth a bottle and we don’t need a spout, bitch?” 

Now dude had a  muscle shirt with anchors on the sleeves (I guess the anchors are there to hold down his massiveness when he flexes so he doesn’t pop anyone in the eye with a biceps). Dude had enough mousse, hair spray and gel in his hair to style up Big-Foot’s hairy nut sack for a year… Oh and he had the skinny jeans and pointy boots on to top off the “Metro-Sexual” moment… I wish I knew how to say FAGGO in FARSI so I could have called homie out in his native tongue…

I didn’t know if he was fashion misfit or trying too hard. All I know is that their was about 20 other guys their like him, but none of them had it like he had it… He had the whole package that bled LAME all over the dance floor…

So speaking of bleeding… How about this… Niloufar said, “all men are comparable to BLOODY DIARRHEA,” after our lunch on Sunday… I’m usually flattered when someone says I’m the SHIT, but a BLOODY DIARRHEA???

I figure I got the ladies a little HEATED when I played Cam’Ron’s “Bottom Of The Pussy Hole”  and 50 Cent’s “Liar Liar” in the car on the ride back from lunch, so their faith in all “MAN KIND” kinda flew out the window and the BLOODY DIARRHEA metaphor came out…  I was really saddened by that statement, even though it was creative and on a shit scale, it gets no lower than a BLOODY DIARRHEA. Like look at that shit? Who wants to be “THE BLOODY DIARRHEA???”

Any hoots, I know deep down she wasn’t referring to me and maybe just Ali & Shaun 🙂 They look Bloody Diarrhea-ish… Don’t you think??? (Just kidding…)

OOOOOHHHH and finally, I almost forgot about Alaa… Hotter than Jessica Alba X 1000000000 trilllion zillion! Real talk, but purely my opinion of course 🙂 PRAISE ALAA!!!!

So yeah, we pretty much had a very good weekend away from the stresses of everyday life, chilled with good friends and had some good food.

Life’s definitely AWESOME when you make the most of your time. So get on it people! LIVE before you DIE and look like a BLOODY DIARRHEA stain on the TOILET OF LIFE!!!


– H Diddy Blogger… Out.

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