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An album bonus track from Mary J.’s latest.  Produced by R. Les. Two of my favorite artists doing there their thing.

Love these light sunday posts 🙂

See y’all tomorrow.


D/L: ===> Mary J. Blige – Closer (Produced by Ryan Leslie)

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time11:30PM (EST) and I got to be up @ 4:30AM (EST) to do it again…I got a bit of inspiration that gave me a jolt of energy to write before I lose it in the AM.

So isn’t it funny how speaking to someone before bed just makes it harder to sleep sometimes, but when you do finally fall asleep it’s the difference between a good dream and a nightmare.

This particular conversation switched and went a direction I never intended it to go and it never got completed. It kinda makes me wonder why? Then I think, well… that’s something I don’t care to ponder over now because it’s not gonna make a difference what I say or fell or think to that person anyways.

But on the other hand their words mean a lot to me cause like all my people around me who I feel are close… I take in what they say and try hard to see what it means in the bigger scope of things. Which brings me closer to my dreams in a sense…

Ironically I rolled over and this song came on at random on my jawn… “Closer” Drake’s remake of Goapele’s modern day classic “Closer…”

alex_cOK Alex… I know you think I’m on Drake’s nuts, but this is what really happened tonight and ironically it was a Drake song…

SO yeah.. I remember when Drake  first sent me this shit and I was like this is amazing, you kept it so One-Hundred… Now mind you, at that time we was all close and Drizzy put it in verse amazingly even though he was just getting into his own as an artist. I always held the bar high because Nick was like out of this universe, but I related more to Drake’s words because we come from similar backgrounds.

drake_comeback_seasonWhat I always liked about Drake is that (as lame as this sounds) he reminds me so much of myself at that time in my life, but with more passion to make it to the top than I had. Which is a great difference if you put it in perspective, but I think it was more because I didn’t go right for my dreams, I detoured myself in college (which I don’t regret at all).

And now it’s a constant struggle to be everything everyone expects me to be because I talked so big that I set the bar so high for myself so long ago.

So far I have to buy Ali a Range Rover, Kenny a house, my sister her own island (that’s the only way she’ll ever get over the fact that I owe her my life) and Nick has to be a STAR… Everyone else gets that fruit basket I always say I’ma get em for doing me a solid. 🙂 and when the woman of my dreams comes around… Well like T.I. said, “you can have whatever you like… yeah” 🙂

But yeah… Nowadays when I fail or mess up, it’s harder to accept sometimes and I fish for some sort of reason why?

There’s no explanation for it… It’s the way LIFE is I guess…

You can’t expect everyone to LOVE you. You can’t expect everyone to UNDERSTAND you. You can’t be PERFECT… But you can feel that all of the above doesn’t matter and that’s what makes the difference. It’s something I need to grasp before it gets the best of me, for realzzz…

woodedpathAs I aspire to get “closer” to my dreams there’s no room for me to fall short because in my head, I only have to prove this to myself and no one else. I could have taken the RIGHT or the LEFT path in life, but I ventured down THE MIDDLE and explored the terrain and at the end… Shit… I come to find out that LEFT, RIGHT or MIDDLE… It’s all moves you FORWARD and closer to your dreams…

Moving FORWARD is all we can really do. Anything less would be GIVING UP.

I suppose the person I talked to tonight made some sense when they said, “but H, life doesn’t always turn out the way you want. We don’t have control over things. All you can do is make yourself as strong as possible to face the day to day.”

That’s a statement in the past I would have said, “FUCK THAT! I GET IT HOW I WANT IT! I DON’T CARE OR GIVE A FUCK!”

But nowadays… That ‘I DON”T GIVE A FUCK’ attitude is as played out as the economy is… Bush made it easy for me and now Obama has made it hard for a nigga like me. 😦

I wish it was as simple as lighting a candle… Or doing some aroma therapy or something, but it’s not…

Uuughh.. It’s almost 12:30AM (EST) now and I think I’ll go to sleep and just fill in the blanks tomorrow and knock around the notion that even though I’ve chosen a tough path I’m still moving FORWARD and that’s what matters most of all…

H Diddy Blogger… Out

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

“See there’s everybody else then there’s one top loner/First place is often the worst place/ But fuck it I love it here/ I call it my birthplace…”-Drake

DOWNLOAD: ===> Drake ft. Andreena Mills -Closer

LISTEN: ===>Drake ft. Andreena Mills -Closer


Goapele – Closer (VIDEO)

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