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I was flipping through pictures on my iPhone and found this one of Moose (C.E.‘s puppy) trying to climb some stairs… Now this dog is no bigger than my hand and is a bit of a menacing little thing that likes to bite and scratch and eat expensive footwear…

Besides all that… He’s still an inspiration to me because the little fucker made the effort to climb up some stairs that his mommy would probably end up throwing him down eventually 😉 ( JOKING…). But real talk, it got me thinking about how much of an effort do we put into things in our lives that take this much effort?

Things we’re passionate about and the things we feel we want out of  life… Do we put a real effort towards them?

I mean this dog really wants to get up those stairs… For what exactly?

I don’t know, but it’s there and he wants it. Shouldn’t we all have that type of DETERMINATION about things in our lives?

I can’t front and ain’t trying to disrespect anyone I’m close to by saying this either, but a lot of the people I’m around on a regular basis have lost that passion for living… And if you read this and take offense to it, I’m more than likely talking about you, but like I said, “no disrespect.” I suppose it takes a special breed of people to want to make the efforts and sacrifices to want  to really live. Then again some of us are maybe more suited for the regimental lifestyle…

See I was in a state of “passionless living” for a long time and it took me a while to bounce back and see the light… Now I see that life is to be lived; not regimentally planned out so we can die knowing we made a little money and drove a little car and just made it a ” little living.” That’s not really living; that’s programming… Brain washing! I’m DETERMINED never to be like that. I like knowing that when the clock strikes 1:30AM I have the option to go out and do as I please. I like to feel free and just do me with or without the money backing my existence. It’s my world after all and it doesn’t stop for anyone, but me at this point.

The TV Show "Small Wonder" had "human robots" in it...

I figure close minded living is for the weak of heart now… I used to think that maybe I can fit into the 9 to 5 life and settle for the little house with the 2 car garage, 2.5 children and the servient wife, but I don’t want that. Ideally I want a life filled with love, passion and some adventure in it… The rest of that shit will happen on its own and naturally… This “ordinary standard” of living is the reason there’s over population, divorce, depression, kids shooting up schools and shit. It’s a fucked up, but true…  IT DOESN’T WORK ANYMORE!!!

Any hoots… Moose made me smile and kinda made me feel like there’s at least hope for a dog to be DETERMINED to want to do something real with its life (metaphorically speaking that is)… Maybe some of you “human robots” can take in some of that energy and do something besides worry about the bullshit day-to-day and live a little!

I know I’m DETERMINED to LIVE… How about you?


P.S.: This blog might honestly have nothing to do with Moose at all… I just wanted a reason to post that picture. 😉

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“The most important time in history is, NOW, the present/ So count your blessings cause time can’t define the essence… -Talib Kweli

“Stand in ovation, cause you put the Hugh in Human/ Cause and effect, effect everything you do and that’s why I got love in the face of hate…” -Talib Kweli

D/L: ===> Black Star (Talib Kweli) – K.O.S. (Determination)


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