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I was forced to retract my statements because Max B is SO WAVY… WAVY CROCKET…. WAVY LAYS CHIPS WITH THE DIP… OOWWWW….

So I just am going to say this to the little guy… Keep your head up and stay positive.  See you in 25 years.


I usually feel bad when I see someone in my line of work get sent up for committing a crime, but this time I really don’t.

Max B was another knucklehead given a chance to change his ways and fucked up in the most major of ways by trying to get on some robbery that turned murder shit.

Regardless of what really happened, he was still a part of the whole act and there’s no doubting he saw or did something here.

Now to SNITCH or not to SNITCH is a position I don’t want to be in; hence the fact I don’t commit crimes, but Max B you was in a sweet spot at one point and could have been good with the right backing, but you FUCKED UP!

I was never a fan of yours and frankly thought your music sucked… So to me, it’s one less over hyped rapper on the streets that got locked up for all the right reasons besides being WACK…

Keep your head up in the bing though man… In 25 years when we all retired and shit maybe you can start up that “WAVE” again.

But let’s hope you turn Muslim and save us from the torture of a new generation of WAVY….


…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

D/L: ===> Jay-Z – D.O.A. (Death Of Autotune) Produced by No.I.D & Kanye West (CDQ)

LISTEN: ===> Jay-Z – D.O.A. (Death Of Autotune) Produced by No.I.D & Kanye West (CDQ)


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“The Fast Life”  blog is in edit mode, but I’m 10 feet from being done… I’m that close!

For now here’s some vintage footage of Dipset from 2003… Let’s see if they get it in @ this years Hot97 Summer Jam… I’m hoping…

I’ll be on my Twitter checking all the updates as it goes on.

Enjoy this video.

Jacked from NahRight.Com

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I’ve been so on Cam’Ron lately (NO HOMO) cause he’s the MAN!!!! Here’s some classic Dipset antics with Tim Westwood… Got to love it!

1st video Cam brings out his “Bottom Bitch”

2nd video they talk about groupies, strippers and “THE PLAN”


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It’s Friday and I have a confession. I’m in LOVE

 She was my crutch… My crutch when I’m faint…  I got to tell her…

She’s my LIFE & LOVE. I got to tell her!

Cause now when it comes to PURPLE I SEEN IT IN MASSES!!!!

I don’t fuck with nothing else but you! I LOVE YOU!!!!  🙂

Roll that purple up… Niggas slacking in their macking. Simpin’ in they pimpin’.

Glad I got you baby! You the only one I can count on man. You my crutch man…

Give me two minutes y’all, I’ll be back with y’all in a minute! I gotta roll up…

Shit I don’t even SMOKE WEED (anymore..) AND THIS NIGGA CAM got my nose open on that PURPLE HAZE… KILLA SEASON HAS RETURNED!!!

D/L ===> Cam’Ron – Purple Haze

LISTEN ===> Cam’Ron – Purple Haze

– H Diddy Blogger… Out!


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This is why Cam is my nigga! He just dont’ give a fuck and this song is a perfect example of that. I love it! “BOTTOM OF THE PUSSY HOLE” My goodness…. So vulgar, but so real. MY NIGGA!

Listen for yourself and tell me what you think. -H

LISTEN ===> Cam’Ron – Bottom Of The Pussy Hole

DOWNLOAD ===> Cam’Ron – Bottom Of The Pussy Hole

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